Monday, March 25, 2013

Sights of Sweden

This video was put together by Christian's mission and consists of photos taken by the missionaries themselves. I think I recognize a couple of Christian's own photos here! His mission president's wife, Syster Newell, writes about the video:

We just finished this for the many new missionaries we have arriving as we are doubling our numbers by the beginning of Fall (more specifics, as requested, to follow in another post). This is a collection of pictures personally taken by the missionaries now serving. Everyone who sent in pictures has at least one here. The music is from a wonderful and loved Swedish artist, Carola. You can see the love we missionaries have for this beautiful land and its people. I get a little teary eyed with gratitude when I watch, and hope you enjoy the spirit of this beautiful land and its people who care for it so faithfully.

 In Christian's latest letter, he writes, "I love our mission. I just love it. Can I say that again? I love the leaders, the missionaries, the members, the culture, the food, the nature, the language. It's just the best."

Jeepers, I love this elder!!!

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