Sunday, March 24, 2013

Those Famous Piano Guys Totally Copied Our Piano Guys!

So, Dave was in charge of our ward's adult Valentine's party but it just wasn't coming together. Add that to the fact that both he and I felt a little "ugh" at the thought of having a Valentine's party for couples when we have quite a few single older folks in our ward who definitely would be welcomed but who may feel awkward enough to simply stay home.

I suggested to Dave that we postpone the party until March and at that time put on an activity that my good old home ward used to put on when I was a teenager: The Annual Spring Fling of the Pleasant View I Ward of Provo, Utawww! YEEHAW!

Back then, the evening usually consisted of dinner and then each auxiliary group, youth group, etc., would do a lip-sync up on the stage. Holy cats, people! To this day I still remember being a squirrely little beehive girl doing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" from South Pacific, complete with old fashioned washtubs, real water, real shampoo, real hair washing! Totally a blast!

I suggested to Dave that our ward do the same. So, we did. And, it was a hit. A hit that went over the fence and outta the ballpark. 

We had the elders quorum presidency doing a black-light-glow-stick-stickman dance, the relief society presidency doing a Gangham Style LDS rendition, the high priests doing a Jib Jab number, and lots, lots more.

Here are Dave and the rest of the bishopric doing their Piano Guys number. I think the real Piano Guys kinda copied Dave and the gang, don't you? You can see that fakeout here. They totally ripped off our bishopric, don't you think?

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Lisa said...

I love this. I remember Dave donning sun glasses and playing the saxofphone in a Bishopric rendition of "I'm a Soul Man." He's very talented that Dave.