Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Accordion" to My Calendar, It's Somebody's Birthday Today!


Hmm. Let's see. Moving from left to right, we have Farmer Dave (aka birthday boy), the understudy for Kimball,  Aldste Sagers, myself, and Sean.

Dave had no idea that I had spilled the beans to our waitress about our dinner out being in honor of Dave's big day, so he didn't see this coming . . . 

Poor Sean. He said his ears were ringing from the high decibels blasting
 into his eardrums from directly behind his head. All for a good cause, right?
Eh? What's that you say? I can't hear . . . .

I asked our schmoozer if he would do a photo op with Christian, and he was more than happy to oblige. I thought this especially appropriate since Christian had recently taken up the accordion (of all things!) before he left for beautiful Sweden. Do you suppose they have accordions there? 

Ashley, Jordan, and Kimball were also present in spirit! Hop on over to Ashley's blog to see Kimball wishing Papa a very happy birthday!

HEY! Ash and Jordan, howzabout I start carrying a nice 8X10 glossy of each of you around with me too? Wouldn't you simply adore me for doing that? Betcha would! Just betcha that you would. (Ahh. Poor Christian; he has no say in the matter, really. Guess this is what you get for having me as your mom.)

Dave and I just watch the original "The Great Gatsby." He'll get it even if you guys don't :)

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Gwyl said...

Happy birthday Farmer Dave!!!