Friday, April 05, 2013

For This Very Special Weekend

When I was the primary president of our ward, I would put together some fun little general conference Bingo cards, word searches, coloring pages, etc., etc., for the primary kids in our ward to mess around with as they watched general conference in their homes. 

After the final session of conference was over on those Sunday afternoons, the kids would make a beeline straight for our house, show me their cute little scribbles, and stick their hands out demanding candy. I always delivered. In spades.

I gave those little candy seekers an extra thrill by taping their general conference handiwork to my wall and leaving it there for a good week or so. I bet all of you interior decorators are going gaga over this wall o' art!

Because Dave whines and complains unless we do, just to make watching general conference fun, I still whip out the ol' Bingo cards, pass around a bowl of M&Ms to use as markers, and listen intently for words like,"testimony," "pioneer," and  "Star Trek." JK about that last one. (But, I would bet my bottom dollar that at some point during the conference C.S. Lewis is referenced at least once. Any takers?)

The other day, I came across this blog featuring a general conference activity packet made specifically for teenagers and adults. I think I'll just let you have at it cuz it's pretty doggone funny but brimming with all sorts of truisms. Enjoy your weekend!

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