Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Springtime In the Rockies!

Spring is my most favorite season of the year! I love summer just as much, but because I do love summer so much, the spring season carries an extra bit of cachet in the form of  anticipation for that lovely, hot, sunny, dry, hot, hot, hot summer! (Sometimes the anticipation of going to that big party is almost as fun as being at the big party, yes?)

However, our spring season has been a bit of a grump this year. We have had one looooong winter followed by a spitefully cold and windy spring (what a grump-grump!), so Dave, bless his heart, brought some springtime cheer to our front porch simply because it makes me so happy! 

Ooh, can you see those little pansies struggling with that mean and cruel wind? Shame.

Sweet little things all tucked up in my porch urns. Don't they look so cute!

I shall not complain too loudly or too long about our spring weather because there are other places in this big wide world that have had much, much worse weather than we. I'm looking at you, Naperville. So sorry about all of that! Need an ark, guys?


Lisa said...

Winter is hanging on so long here! (oh, and btw...we came home to a dry basement!) Anyway, when we were in NYC, I saw a tree with beautiful blossoms all over it and I said to myself: Oh yeah! Trees blossom in the Spring! I totally forgot! Come on, Spring! Let's get here already!

Kathleen said...

An Ark, an extra sump pump and a few strong guys to help us dry out would be wonderful! Want to send Sean out to help? Although FEMA should be here shortly. I'm counting my blessings only having 6 inches of water in the basement -- could have been much worse.