Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It Is Off to the Thee-Ah-Tah!

The last time we ventured out to our favorite theater-in-the-round hangout, we saw "Civil War." I thought that I was going to faint dead away when those soldiers gave all they had to give for their country, doing so basically right on top of my feet. Our front row seats left us getting our legs all a-tangle with largish hoop skirts and scary looking sabers. Cool "Declaration of Independence" floor, huh!

Of course, Aldste Sagers came along for the ride even though he has no recollection of it and will deny ever being there.

Our preshow dinner was attended by my sister, Dave, myself, Aldste Sagers and Sean, but Sean opted to go do other unimportant stuff like studying (sheesh! that kid!) while Christian got kidnapped by me to the play.

Tonight we are off to see another famous and much ballyhooed play. Please tell me we will love it. It's just that title, um, . . . 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Staff of Life!

These photos came to me via one of my fellow missionary moms. All 97 of us hang out on our private Swedish Mish-O-Nary Moms Facebook page (a lot!) just waiting for little paydays like this to fall from the heavens. Awesome how technology can suddenly take the form of a big, fat, better-than-Christmas surprise, right?

Since no explanation came from this mom regarding the photos she posted, I'm asking: Weapons of choice for a scripture duel or dinner? (And, doesn't the Feller look stellar!)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Move Over Superman! There Is a New Man of Steel in Town!

This new Man of Steel may be a bit on the unusual side, but I'll tell ya what, when he is dressed up as his Clark Kent persona, that corkscrew leg of his hardly shows at all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

For My Tall Gal Pals

I decided long ago to just "own" it. Being tall.
I like love wearing high heels. And, I am tall. It is what it is.
When I wear my very highest of heels (and, I bet my heels are higher than yours),
I tell Dave he must use his very best posture when standing next to me.
Otherwise, we present the awkwardness that Steven Spielberg is trying with all of his might to ignore. 

Robert DiNero, Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg at Cannes, France, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Scritch, Scritch, Scritch"

NOTE ABOUT PHOTO: This may or may not be the actual broom used in this particular incident.

A LETTER TO MY IMMEDIATE NEIGHBORS: Please find it in your generous hearts to accept my very sincere apology for any disturbance of your blissful sleep which may have been caused by the “scritch, scritch, scritch” of my broom as I made a nuisance of myself on our home’s balcony in the wee hours of the morning of 15 May 2013.

In my attempt to clear off an ocean’s worth of water which had accumulated on the balcony due to someone’s (mine) error of allowing the hose to run on the floor of the balcony for an entire hour after dutifully watering the hanging plants as requested by my out-of-town husband, I fear that the loud “scritch, scritch, scritch” of the broom sweeping the water over the side of said balcony and echoing throughout the neighborhood most likely had you all in fits of frustration, not to mention frightening animals and young children with my mismatched sweats and wild (but freshly washed!) hair do. As luck would have it, Dave has spotlights trained on the front of our house, thus fully illuminating my haute couture look for all the world to see.

In my desperation to avoid a repeat of the bubbling of a wall in our otherwise well-built home’s interior and the San Francisco streets-like buckling of our hardwood floor due to accumulated melted snow seeping through the floor of the balcony earlier this year, I bit the bullet and did what I had to do: Face the wrath of you forgiving! kind! patient! nonjudgmental! neighbors and sweep my little heart out.

Two thoughts kept running through my noggin as I was sloshing in inches of water for an entire 30 minutes at 12:30 a.m. First, I totally related to the feelings of futility suffered by Sisyphus of Greek mythology (when will I ever run out of water to sweep?), and second, I am quite certain I have now usurped away the title of “that one neighbor lady who, um, makes us say, ‘whaaaa?’” from the previous title holder, the mother of one of Dave’s high school friends who was happened upon by teenager Dave one day as he pulled into his buddy’s driveway and saw the woman up on her roof. Sweeping. With a broom. In a housedress. (But, at least she was doing her sweeping during regular business hours, unlike me.) Yes, that auspicious title is now mine.

So, with much love for you, my awesome, awesome, wonderful, lovely neighbors, I beg for your forgiveness and understanding, and in a blatant attempt to curry your favor once again, ice cream will be delivered to your doorstep upon request. (Please specify flavor.)

Very Sincerely,
Your Embarrassed (and achy) Midnight Sweeper

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sean and My Kitchen Makeover!

Who knew Sean was so talented and gifted in the home makeover department? 

He is. 

And, I have living proof.



Jeepers, I love that guy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to the Best Mama I Know . . .

Happy Mother's Day to my darling, darling Ashley who is the best mama I know!

Not only is Ash the best mama in the world, but she is simply a beautiful and completely sincere spirit with a heart filled with love for all--especially those who are under-served or under-acknowledged.

Ashley is quick to laugh, quick to help, quick to comprehend the true intent of another's heart.

I love this girl with all of my heart, and I am so blessed to have her as my extraordinary and gorgeous daughter!

P.S. to Ash: This is awaiting your arrival in a short few weeks! I didn't want to send it through the mail risking a lawsuit from a glass-shard-impaled postal worker :D

Saturday, May 11, 2013

In the Words of The Beatles . . .

"And I love her."

My beautiful mom. I was about four years old when this was taken.

My lovely mother with her six little rug rats.
I had the privilege and the pleasure of being held in her loving arms here.
Mom's arms were always loving. Nothing but loving. Always beckoning. Always open.

I'm wishing my mom the happiest of Mother's Days. 
I have faith that she can feel my love for her even now--even now as I trust that she is enjoying a Mother's Day with her own beloved mother.

"And I love her."

On a side note, I have to point out that my dad (the photographer here) was a man ahead of his time; the very au courant and ultra-trendy look of families being photographed in orchards well precedes the hipster photographers of today,  with this photo being proof. Just wanted to point that out. :D  

I'm quite sure I could also find a photo of us on a deserted railroad track (more hipster photo options, fyi) since there were a ton of those in Idaho back in the day. Pretty sure there is NOT a photo of us hanging out in front of a dilapidated, graffiti-covered, condemned shack (more hipsterness), however. 

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Analyze Me

Take your best shot at what you think might have been going through my wacky noggin here. Hmm. Pretty hare-brained if you ask me.
(See the swinging motion unfortunately captured by the camera? Yeah. Me too.)


Ooh, so close, but nooooooo cigar. 
(See the "invisible" fishing line? Yeah. Me too.)

Ahhh, yeah. That fishing line. Fail.

I finally had to settle for these.

But have no fear, I'm shall try again! I shall never surrender! 

You guys just wait. Hare-brained Dee--that's me!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

"We're Putting the Band Back Together!" (Quick! Name the movie!)

I have a super-fun friend in my neighborhood whose daughter was getting married. And by a stroke of luck, I have another super-fun friend in the neighborhood whose son was getting married. On the same day! In the same temple! At the same time! What a coincidence, right? Well, actually no, because my friend's daughter and my other friend's son were actually marrying each other! Cool how that all worked out, huh! 

Anywho, my mother-of-the-bride friend asked me if I thought Sean would like to get his jazz band back together (without Christian, sadly--but it's all good cuz Christian is where he should be right now!) and play at the wedding reception of this darling bride and this awesome groom. Well, what could I say to that? I said, "Of course!" Now, it was just a matter of me talking Sean into it. I needn't have feared, because what did Sean say when I asked him? He said, "Of course!" Cool how that all worked out, huh! 

Sean was able to round up his very good high school buddy to play the bari sax, another high school buddy to play the drums (a former mentor of Christian, coincidentally), and a college friend to play the ivories, and Four on the Floor was back in business, ya'll! Cool how that all worked out, huh!

Here is a little taste of their awesomeness. Please forgive the terrible audio; we were in a pretty big and cavernous venue with lots and lots of chit-chat-chatter-gabby-gab stuff going on in the background, but tell me you don't love this:

As for me, I was back in my element being the adoring groupie once again! Cool how that all worked out, huh!

Here is the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous bride and her very handsome and dapper groom! 
(I hope she doesn't mind me putting up this pic!)
{Oh, hi there, Mette! ha! You look so stunningly beautiful!!!}

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hey There, Mr. Springtime! Why Don't You Come On In, Have a Seat, and Stay for a While?!!!

I'll show that doggone snow! I'll show that wicked, horrible, horizontally-blowing snow which decided to rear its ugly head on the first day of May right outside of my kitchen window just what's what around here!

If I can't coax, nudge, or even threaten spring weather to show up when it is desperately wanted, I will just have to take matters into my own hands and bring the feeling of that lovely, sweet, warm, wonderful springtime weather into my house, plunk it down, truss and tie it up, and force it to stay put until the real deal finally decides to mosey into the picture. After all, aren't we always reminded that we, and we alone, are in charge of our own happiness?

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

So there.