Thursday, May 09, 2013

Analyze Me

Take your best shot at what you think might have been going through my wacky noggin here. Hmm. Pretty hare-brained if you ask me.
(See the swinging motion unfortunately captured by the camera? Yeah. Me too.)


Ooh, so close, but nooooooo cigar. 
(See the "invisible" fishing line? Yeah. Me too.)

Ahhh, yeah. That fishing line. Fail.

I finally had to settle for these.

But have no fear, I'm shall try again! I shall never surrender! 

You guys just wait. Hare-brained Dee--that's me!


Lisa said...

I think you are quite amazing.

ckm said...

Amazing! You do the hard stuff with the creative displays and amazing photography! Next time, send me the images and I will edit out the fishing line - easy peasy! xoxo