Saturday, May 11, 2013

In the Words of The Beatles . . .

"And I love her."

My beautiful mom. I was about four years old when this was taken.

My lovely mother with her six little rug rats.
I had the privilege and the pleasure of being held in her loving arms here.
Mom's arms were always loving. Nothing but loving. Always beckoning. Always open.

I'm wishing my mom the happiest of Mother's Days. 
I have faith that she can feel my love for her even now--even now as I trust that she is enjoying a Mother's Day with her own beloved mother.

"And I love her."

On a side note, I have to point out that my dad (the photographer here) was a man ahead of his time; the very au courant and ultra-trendy look of families being photographed in orchards well precedes the hipster photographers of today,  with this photo being proof. Just wanted to point that out. :D  

I'm quite sure I could also find a photo of us on a deserted railroad track (more hipster photo options, fyi) since there were a ton of those in Idaho back in the day. Pretty sure there is NOT a photo of us hanging out in front of a dilapidated, graffiti-covered, condemned shack (more hipsterness), however. 

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