Sunday, May 05, 2013

"We're Putting the Band Back Together!" (Quick! Name the movie!)

I have a super-fun friend in my neighborhood whose daughter was getting married. And by a stroke of luck, I have another super-fun friend in the neighborhood whose son was getting married. On the same day! In the same temple! At the same time! What a coincidence, right? Well, actually no, because my friend's daughter and my other friend's son were actually marrying each other! Cool how that all worked out, huh! 

Anywho, my mother-of-the-bride friend asked me if I thought Sean would like to get his jazz band back together (without Christian, sadly--but it's all good cuz Christian is where he should be right now!) and play at the wedding reception of this darling bride and this awesome groom. Well, what could I say to that? I said, "Of course!" Now, it was just a matter of me talking Sean into it. I needn't have feared, because what did Sean say when I asked him? He said, "Of course!" Cool how that all worked out, huh! 

Sean was able to round up his very good high school buddy to play the bari sax, another high school buddy to play the drums (a former mentor of Christian, coincidentally), and a college friend to play the ivories, and Four on the Floor was back in business, ya'll! Cool how that all worked out, huh!

Here is a little taste of their awesomeness. Please forgive the terrible audio; we were in a pretty big and cavernous venue with lots and lots of chit-chat-chatter-gabby-gab stuff going on in the background, but tell me you don't love this:

As for me, I was back in my element being the adoring groupie once again! Cool how that all worked out, huh!

Here is the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous bride and her very handsome and dapper groom! 
(I hope she doesn't mind me putting up this pic!)
{Oh, hi there, Mette! ha! You look so stunningly beautiful!!!}


Stargirl said...

Hooray! I made it on the blog! That is quite an honor. :)

Deon said...

Mette! I hope you don't mind that I put this up! You really did look so, so, so gorgeous that I couldn't resist!