Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looky at Who Is Here!!!!!

YEEHAW! Guess who's back in town?
And, I couldn't be more excited!!! 

 Ashley, Jordan, and Bruce Wayne!*

Also back is handsome, smart, polite, adorable, funny, loving, gun-slingin' Kimball! (Yes, he is packin' heat from Deedee's dress-up box {see his twitchy left trigger finger})!

We are also graced with an appearance by Harvey Dent, the cowboy version!

*Kimball quite likes his super heros. Like, a lot. Like TONS. He has taken to calling Baby Boy Haug (expected to arrive November 14!), Bruce Wayne. If you don't know who Bruce Wayne is, go see a Batman movie or something.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I just love how you are called Deedee. Are they spending the Summer? Enjoy every single second.