Saturday, August 31, 2013

Expert Fashion Advice: Always Color Coordinate Your Outfit with Your Destination!

 Hey, gang! It's me, your self-appointed fashion adviser! What makes me such an authority on fashion, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. See, I watch "The Chew" almost every single weekday. Clinton Kelly is one of the hosts of "The Chew." And since Clinton Kelly hosted "What Not to Wear" for ages, and now he hosts "The Chew," and I watch "The Chew" almost every single day, that makes me more than qualified to be your self-appointed fashion adviser. Got that? Makes perfect sense to me. 

So, enough about me. Let's talk about what you think about me. Ha! No, seriously. Let's talk about my fashion advice to always color coordinate your outfits to your destination. Three good things happen when you do that: 

1) It is easier to blend into the decor if members of that pesky paparazzi try to scout you out; 

2) If said paparazzi does scout you out (and, they will, I should know), the resulting photos may land you in the next issue of Suburbanites Gone Wild (and, believe it or not, that's not necessarily a good thing); and, 

3) Even though you run the risk of appearing to be trying too hard by coordinating your fashion with your environment, you will at least appear to be trying. 

Kimball navigated with great aplomb that fine line of matching his environment and his clothing choices without overdoing it! Check! out! this! cute! boy! Love the yellow and red shirt and shoes tie-in with the yellow and red flowers!

Now, these folks below? Uhhhhhhh, I think that very fine line of trying too hard might have been crossed just a leeeeetle bit. What do you think? But then again, maybe it's just me. I just don't know, people.

Are you all okay after that? Good. Now I'm going to put you to work to try to scout out our two little mascots hanging out somewhere in the photo below. And, looky there! None of us match! Sometimes individuality is a very, very good thing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

¡Sagers hermano es tan guapo!

Yes, that Sean is a handsome young man, isn't he?  

Sean was able to take one of his districts of missionaries to the Mexico City Temple. Something tells me he didn't have to use his "mean teacher" voice to keep these people in line.

Sean said he ventures out and eats some of the street food quite often because it is super-duper tasty. So far, so good. But, remember . . . Mexico is the city of Montezuma's Revenge. Oh.

What does one do when there is no pocket available for a name tag, I wonder? Make up for it with an enthusiastic smile!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Photos That Just Dropped In My Lap

These photos showed up on Facebook yesterday, posted by Christian's mission president's wife. I just love it when that happens!

This group of wonderful missionaries represents the Stockholm Zone with Christian and his companion serving as the zone leaders. Can you see our tall and happy elder in the back row? Love that kid.

Here is Christian with President and Sister Newell's son who just returned from his mission in France. To prove that we live in a small, small world, Elder Newell served in France with Christian's first cousin, Ryan, who also happens to be one of Elder Newell's best friends. Crazy!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

On a lovely evening last week we took a nice little stroll on the Murdock Canal Trail. Actually, we strolled while Kimball left us behind as we ate his dust. He's a force, that one.

Look at this little Tour de France wanna-be go! He's simply following in his Uncle Christian's tire tracks, mastering two-wheeling without training wheels last summer when he was merely three, mirroring how his Uncle Christian knocked our socks off with riding sans training wheels at the tender age of two and three-fourths. Meanwhile, I can barely stay upright on a tricycle :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Everything Went Swimmingly Well!

Our extremely generous across-the-street neighbors offered up their backyard pool for us to use whenever the fancy strikes us while Ashley and Kimball are here. Goodness to pete, people, sometimes folks can be so very, very kind. Makes me want to show more kindness in my own life. 

Anywho, Ashley and Kimball had an epic battle with a certain wicked queen (the basketball hoop on the side of the pool) with Kimball directing all of the action and carrying the storyline full tilt. It was darling. He is darling. Ashley is darling. 

I love them so.

(Click on photo to enlarge)


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Montezuma's Revenge!

Seanie said that he visited a very awesome museum in Mexico City which displays all sorts of ancient artifacts and relics. 

Here we see Seanie wearing a gift from the Aztec emperor, Montezuma. Looks like it is weighing down his neck a bit!

This artifact comes from one of the ancient temples and is centuries old. Sean says that there are even bigger pieces on display. Can you imagine the heavy lifting here?

Sean was able to attend a session at the Mexico City Temple. He says that the Aztec influence is very prominent in the decor and construction. Isn't he a handsome gringo?!!!

Note to Sean: Keep the pics coming!
One more thing: I love you so!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Music of the Night

A while ago, we treated Grandpa Richard, Grandma Pauline, Marian, and Sean to BYU's production of "The Phantom of the Opera." 

Oh. My. Word. People. 

Talk about stellar! Talk about production value! Talk about talent! Talk about a rather creepy storyline! jk. We loved it! Every minute of it! 

To start the evening off on the right "note" (ha!), we dined out with our good buddy-boy (and now forever lost to us forever *sniff*) Aldolpho. See if you can spot him whoopin' it up, trying to be the center of attention, as is was his way.

Here is another "Where is Waldo?" pic, except this time you need to find the lurking Phantom of the Opera. Look hard!

Sorry for the bad resolution. The lighting was great on the stage but rotten in the peanut gallery.

Dave was getting into it big time. Who knew he had a hankering to play to the balcony? Huh. Ya learn somethin' new every day.

As if it were a foreshadowing of things to come, Sean actually pulled off a fantastic Phantom of the Opera at Grandma and Grandpa's annual Halloween party. And, no, he did not wear his Phantom of the Opera outfit to the play. (These other two hooligans standing with him may or may not have worn their outfits out and about, however. But, you didn't hear that from me . . . .)

It was a great evening out with awesome company, a terrific show, and Aldolpho channeling Kilroy. Wonder what Aldolpho is up to these days in Australia. Probably surfing.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

¡Adiós, mi muchacho precioso!

Seanie is off to do what he does best: Inspire love, show genuine and sincere empathy, teach righteous and good principles, serve others, lend a listening ear, bear others' burdens, provide a soft place for a hurting heart, all while acting in Christ-like ways. Always. Goodness to pete, I love this boy with all of my heart!

The elders and sisters at the MTC in Mexico City don't have a clue (but will soon learn!) what a blessing they have in Brother Sagers! Three months is probably going to speed by for Sean but will seem pretty much like three years for me!

Adios, my muchacho precioso. ¡Te quiero!

Here we have a mashup of Mexico mixed with a little bit of Cougar Nation, flanked by a bit of Americana. I like it!

Can you spy a little redhead up there with Hermano Sagers?

Whoa. We're getting serious now!

Wait. Did Sean go to Mexico or Madrid?

Stunning! Oh. And the cathedral is pretty spiffy too :)

¡Disfruta de cada minuto de su estancia, Seanie!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Gimme Your Best Caption!

Okay dokey! It's "Write Your Best Caption" time once again! 

Check out this adorable pic of Kimball taken after we saw "Aladdin" at the Hale Center Theater. Take a clooooose look. See Kimball's expression just there? What in sam hill do you suppose was going through Kimball's noggin at the time? Let's hear it!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me!

Our fantastic Hale Center Theater did it again and delivered another winner! This year's youth production was "Aladdin," and goodness to pete, people, the show was absolutely stellar! From the costumes to the acting, from the singing to the special effects, everything was done with top-notch professionalism and precision. No corners were cut and there wasn't a clinker in the bunch! We loved every minute of it!

Kimball might have been just a tad intimidated by Jafar, but not so much that he wouldn't hold Jafar's magical staff! I think Kimball is feeling the power here, don't you?

 The actor playing Genie was Robin-Williams-ish-hilarious! He was absolutely perfect for the part! This was the only character in the entire show played by an adult, but it was pretty obvious he had no problems letting his inhibitions go and acting like a kid--if you know what I mean . . . .

Hey! Let's play, "One of these things is not like the other!" Ready? Go!

Last year's production was "Sleeping Beauty." Also a fantastic show! See if you can spot a couple of similarities in these two pics below! Anyone? Anyone?

I have a caption challenge involving a photo from this outing coming up next time, so be sure to check back for that fun!!!