Thursday, August 08, 2013

¡Adiós, mi muchacho precioso!

Seanie is off to do what he does best: Inspire love, show genuine and sincere empathy, teach righteous and good principles, serve others, lend a listening ear, bear others' burdens, provide a soft place for a hurting heart, all while acting in Christ-like ways. Always. Goodness to pete, I love this boy with all of my heart!

The elders and sisters at the MTC in Mexico City don't have a clue (but will soon learn!) what a blessing they have in Brother Sagers! Three months is probably going to speed by for Sean but will seem pretty much like three years for me!

Adios, my muchacho precioso. ¡Te quiero!

Here we have a mashup of Mexico mixed with a little bit of Cougar Nation, flanked by a bit of Americana. I like it!

Can you spy a little redhead up there with Hermano Sagers?

Whoa. We're getting serious now!

Wait. Did Sean go to Mexico or Madrid?

Stunning! Oh. And the cathedral is pretty spiffy too :)

¡Disfruta de cada minuto de su estancia, Seanie!

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