Saturday, September 21, 2013

Please Interpret This Dream

True story coming. Seriously. This is the honest-to-goodness, poke a needle in my pinky, cross my eyes, swear on my heart . . . or is it cross my pinky, swear on my needle, poke my heart . . . wait, I'll get it . . . oh! Whatever. This really happened:

Ready? Okay. First of all, (and this next part is crucial to the story so snap to attention!) Dave has adamantly resisted jumping completely onto the Facebook bandwagon, for good or for ill, whatev. So I had a dream where Dave received a Facebook "friend request" and was typing his "decline" to the friend request on this Royal typewriter that I inherited from my mom. I told Dave that, uhhhhh, I didn't think the message would go through. Dave's response? He just turned and smirked at me. Smirked! At me! It was sorta like a "Hey! You don't think I know a computer when I see one?" type of a smirk. 


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