Thursday, September 05, 2013

Spot the Differences!

I received the photo on the left from Christian in this week's email. A fellow missionary mom from our private "Swedish Mish-O-Nary Moms" Facebook page received the photo on the right from her missionary son. See if you can spot at least five differences between the photos! Aw, c'mon! Just humor this mom who misses her son like the dickens! 
By the way, these photos were taken to show that Christian is now a grandpa in missionary reckoning. See, he trained the guy standing behind him who then in turn trained the two missionaries flanking Christian. Thus, Christian is now a grandfather! 

And, that odd pose? I think Christian was trying to convey that old-timey, serious look of Wilford Woodruff's era or some such. The kid on the right looks like he was just happy to be there regardless of his ancestry.

UPDATE--This is a comment left by my sister, Rexine, on Facebook. See if you can beat that! No, really, see if you can!: 

The standing Elder is showing teeth on the right photo; The Elder on the left has a difference in left hand positions; The seated Elder on the right is showing his left hand in one and not the other--as well as the watch is more visible in one;. Christian's head changes positions slightly; and the Elder on the left is showing a little shirt on the belly on the right side photo. Prize?

My response: 

WOWZA, Rex! Very, very good! By my count, you found six differences, and I think that deserves an A+! So, umm, yeah. The prize. Uhhhhhh, lemme see what I have in the back of the pantry here *rustlerustle* ummm, how about some Krusteaz Pancake Mix? Will that do? Ooh, I also have some lasagna noodles. Or! I know! I have a 50 lb. bag of Japanese rice! I just know you will love that! Great! 

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