Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wait. Kan That Be Write? {Ed. 1}

Oh my. Remind me to never accept food from one of her plastic place settings. 
(Plastic bowel? Four times, people! I'll give her a pass about "hte micorwave," however.)

I wonder who Oliver Garden is and what in the world he wants with sweet and kindly Marilyn Hagerty.

Poor Meredith Vieira. Her show will be seen in only 27 U.S. households? Only 27? Are you sure? That's just plain sad.

Steven Colbert not only quips, but he gets equipped as well! Lucky duck!

 Psshhaw! Charity yard sales, charity hard sales. They're all the same thing, right? 

BOOYAH! That's some mighty fine college edjucasion these Notre Dame kids are getting these days!

*Please note that, as always, I am laughing WITH these bloopers and not AT them. I defiantly no that I dew my own share of foie gras. 

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