Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Have you guys ever watched the Jimmy Stewart movie about the big, white, 6' 1 1/2" rabbit? The rabbit's name is Harvey, and our family loves to pronounce it with a thick, northeast, high society, exhale type of an accent, as in, HAAAAAAAAHHHHHHVEY. 

My sister treated Dave and me (that sounds so wrong, but it ain't, haha!) to a local production of "Harvey" as belated birthday gifts, and all I wanted to do throughout the duration of the play was to say HAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHVEY over and over again. It's kind of addicting. You should try it. 

The play was terrific, and we even ran into a brother and sister involved in the play who were in marching band with Christian. The sister totally recognized us as Christian's mom and pop. Really? How does that happen that she would recognize the parents of her classmate when she had never met us? We took the opportunity to snap a pic with the brother who played the hilarious orderly, Wilson. (See below.)

We had a super-duper time, especially when my mom's former relief society president showed up on stage as one of the old biddies. Man, she was cantankerous. (Er, in the play! In the play! Not in real life!) Gotta love local theaaaahtah!

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Lisa said...

Oh my word....I so want to be yours and Dave's theater buddies. It would be so maaaaaarrrrvelous.