Tuesday, October 01, 2013

They Got to See Aldste Sagers Up Close and Personal!

The parents of one of Christian's recent companion traveled over to Sweden to pick up their son. Looky at who they hob-nobbed with while they were there! I'm dying here, people. Doesn't Christian look fantastic and happy and full of the light of Christ? Yes he does!

This is Aldste Ririe. Christian loved working with him, and they were quite the dynamic duo!

This is Aldste Ririe's mom. She and I have become fast friends through the private Facebook page we have for the moms of missionaries serving in Sweden. I have never met her nor most of the other moms on that Facebook page, yet I have an incredible amount of love for them all.

Christian is looking at Aldste Ririe's new iPhone here. I can only imagine how much Christian was enjoying that since he is Mr. Gadget after all. 

Goodness to pete, do I love my boy!

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