Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wait. Kan That Be Write? {Ed. 3}

In today's blooper edition, we get to learn about the weather! Or not.

Ooh! Yes, let's do learn about watching out
for more thundershowers! That sounds prudent.
Oh. Guess we didn't really need that information after all.
Not one word about thundershowers, people. Not one.

Since we didn't get to learn about watching out for more thundershowers, let's learn about how spotters measure hail size! Yes! That should be fun! Hm. Guess that's another subject we just don't need to fuss about. 
Not one word about hail, people. Not one.

As they say, the third time's the charm, right? This time it looks like we get to read about livestock. Ooh, sorry. Move along, people--nothin' to see here! Although we come oh! so! very! close! with the reference to grain and hay, no livestock summary today. 
You guessed it--not one word about moo moo cows or horsies. And, why put a livestock summary in a "What's up with the weather?" article anywho?

Can I just say that I love my Daily Herald?!!!

*Please note that, as always, I am laughing WITH these bloopers and not AT them. I defiantly no that I dew my own share of foie gras.

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