Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Gaggle of Mish-Moms!

For whatever kooky reason, I am something of the ringleader for the missionary moms in our ward, and I pulled together another chatty and gabby and jabbery-ish lunch this last week at our local Mexican restaurant where we all chatted and gabbed and jabbered our little hearts out about our much-adored missionary young ones. 

Currently, we have 19 missionaries out serving from our ward with another three missionaries who have received their calls and are just tapping their toes waiting to get on with the fun.

I would happily wager a bet that out of all of those 22 missionaries' moms, there is not one among them who loves her missionary more fervently, more fiercely, more devotedly, more unconditionally, more completely, or more adoringly than I love mine. I just betcha there's not. *sniff* 

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