Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ahh, the Relief! . . . Society

Oh, the RELIEF which comes when actually realizing that a big and looming assignment or project is over and done can be quite exquisite!  Like, jump up and down and clap your hands with glee kind of exquisite. (Classy stuff, that.)

A couple of months ago, I was asked to do a presentation for our church's women's group and share ideas for planning a stress-free party. Oh, this just drips with irony. Doing a presentation in front of a boatload of very accomplished women AND making 120 invitations for it to boot? Not. Stress. Free.

With help from my heavenly host of loved ones (this is nothing new for them; they know that when I get an assignment, they get the assignment . . . ) we were able to soldier on and get 'er done!

Lots and lots of cutting, tying, punching, assembling here. 
One hundred and twenty-nine worth, to be exact.

Uhhhh, the keep calm part was a struggle.

I was told that they each needed to be personalized.
The power of a Sharpie!

I was going to make 120 of these darling (and delish!) fleur de lis chocolates
to be individually bagged and attached to the invitations, but that just
didn't happen, nor did it seem practical given their delicate-ness (is that a word?)
so I made a whole bunch to give out at the actual presentation.
I loved them (my audience did too). So cute.

I bought these adorable bags at Orson Gygi, slipped a
yummy cookie into each, and attached the cute little card
with an itty bitty clothespin and passed those out at the presentation
as an example of a super-cute, super-yummy invitation to a party.
They were a hit. 

The gaggle . . . 

. . . of women.

 I showed a short slideshow of baby shower decoration ideas, including these three pics above.  (I will post more of these adorable baby shower photos here in a different post just for fun cuz, well, cuz they turned out pretty doggone cute, and the shower was something I loved doing in anticipation of beautiful baby Silas.)

This pic was taken after my presentation, so my table
is a little lot messy. I showed a boatload of invitation ideas, thank you ideas, party favor ideas, and basically yada-yada-ed away.

The empty jars with the ribbon around them held those
yummy cookies in the bags shown above. They looked really party-ish
all packed into those jars. You'll just have to imagine it, but believe me, it was all super-duper cute. And, the ladies certainly did love receiving them.

See my happy face? It was at this point that I was simply giddy that the
presentation went over well and was, umm, well, uhhh, just plain over

I have to say that as I was preparing for all of this, this scripture kept running through my head:

D&C 38:30 " . . . but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

I learned long ago when asked to do any sort of a big project or presentation, that preparation is the key if you don't want to end up in a stark-white straight jacket somewhere, committed to an institution against your own will, curled up in the corner clutching your pearls. Uhhh, that has happened more times than I wish to admit.



Jenifer Morris said...

I sure wish that you were in my ward. I would bet that was an amazing presentation!

I think my mom is also an amazing party planner. I think one of the key points to creating an amazing party, is to keep your list year after year. Yes, some of the components will change. But most will stay that same, ie. napkins, cups, tableware, table cloths, invitations, balloons, etc.

Anyway, that was my two cents. :)

Lindsay said...

i'm sure the presentation was great, mostly because you are great. i've always been good at the activity side of things and AWFUL at the decorating/inviting/everything else!

Lisa said...

Oh my word...how I would have loved to have been there! I just know you did a fabulous job! Look at all your preparation and great ideas! Lucky, lucky women!