Sunday, November 17, 2013

Skyping Shenanigans!

I was able to catch a few moments with my camera from our Skyping session today with this happy little family of four! Enjoy the pics!:

Get a load of those delicious cheeks! 

After Jordan did the wonderful fatherly thing of changing the baby's blowout, he then turned him into a tasty little burrito! (Jordan's expression is deceiving here; he was not mad! The baby on the other hand? I'm not quite sure.)

Kimball was so pleased to be able to show us how he can sorta/kinda/semi hold Baby Silas!
(You can see Papa and Deedee down in the lower right hand corner oohing and ahhing!)

We lucked out and caught Baby Silas with his eyes open! Isn't he simply yummy and beautiful and darling and adorable and cute as a button and handsome and sweet and . . . 


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