Thursday, November 07, 2013

Today, the Mailman Did Not Bring Glad Tidings

In the words of Opie Taylor, "Makes me kinda sad."

This is the second time a package has been returned to us with Christian's address crossed out and a new address added and with these stickers slapped on them! Boo! A recently returned sister missionary from Sweden told me today that, yes indeed, she could tell that this arrived at the mission office. Obviously it never made it into Christian's hands. She said it could be because when the mission office forwarded this on, they either had his apartment address incorrect or his name wasn't on the apartment mailbox. 

Well, whatever the case may be, I'm so, so sad! Christian doesn't even know that I stuffed darling skeletons and spooky  skulls, and frightening ghosts in there for him to decorate his apartment with on Halloween and freak out the non-Halloween-practicing Swedes! And, look at the postmark! I sent this over a month ago! All this time I was picturing him hanging out with Ichabod Crain. Boo again!

Thank goodness for email, otherwise Christian would never know how much his mom cherishes, loves, adores, admires, treasures, etc., etc. him! (Heh heh, Christian does have to put up with a lot from me in my emails to him as you may or may not have gathered . . . . )

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Lisa said...

There is nothing more heartbreaking then a returned package intended for your beloved missionary........