Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sacred Gifts

Last week, I had the privilege of taking my little Activity Day girls to the "Sacred Gifts" exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art.

People. This exhibit is once-in-a-lifetime! The pieces displayed in this exhibit are originals by Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hoffman, and Frans Schwartz which have never left their homes in castles, cathedrals, and churches throughout Europe, etc. It took the MOA people ten years to convince the curators of these works of art to allow them to be removed from their altars and castle walls for the very first time and installed in a fabulous display at BYU's museum. Truly nothing short of miraculous, in my opinion.

I'm planning to go back and revisit the exhibit when I can take my sweet time and plunk myself down in front of each painting for a good long while. This truly moved me and served to increase my testimony of my Savior, not to mention my respect and reverence for those of other faiths throughout history who carry the same testimony of Christ as me. I loved it. So much.

This painting by Carl Bloch was one of my favorites.
When seen in person, it almost looks 3D; Christ's eyes are absolutely piercing.

To see other works in this exhibit, go here.

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Lisa said...

Luckiest girls in the whole church.