Thursday, February 06, 2014

Pizzeria de Sagersotini

A couple of weeks ago, Sean and his roommates charmed their dates into coming to our home to make homemade pizzas and watch one of our family's very, very most favorite movies. (See if you can guess the movie from the pic below!)

This was such a stellar crowd to have hanging out at our home, and I'm pretty darn tootin' sure that Dave and I had more fun that night as they did. 

I did feel sort of bad for the two couples who baked their pizzas in our bottom oven. Uhhhh, we've always had a little bit of a problem with that oven as it sometimes turns itself off if you fiddle with the top oven. These two couples tried to graciously smile through choking down their gloppy, gooey, half-baked pizza crust, but I knew better. Especially when one of the guys basically coughed up a hairball. Just kidding about that last part. It was actually one of the girls who coughed up the hairball. Ha! jk! jk!

FYI: This little guitar is Christian's. 

Further FYI: Christian received it when he was just a little feller, um, not recently.

Further FYI: Christian never really learned how to play it despite those always-helpful colorful dots.

My favorite line from this movie (and Sean can sound EXACTLY like Ryan O'Neal when he quotes it): 

"Well, there's not much to see actually, we're inside a Chinese dragon."
--Howard Bannister

Gosh, I love that. 

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Stargirl said...

My favorite part about that movie is that the old lady pays for everything to be fixed and cleaned up. I hate when they make a mess in movies and then just leave it behind. I know it's really fake, but the people in the story should be good people and fix what got broken!