Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Lovely Tribute to Aldste Bailey

As most of you already know, a young elder, Aldste Mason Bailey, was tragically killed in Christian's mission last week. Christian was asked to put together a special musical number for the memorial service involving 90+ missionaries. He choose a favorite song of the Swedish missionaries and pulled together a violin duet and a vocal quartet to accompany the missionaries in their singing. Christian said it was so powerful, so beautiful. I am so proud of Christian for stepping up to the plate and doing this very sacred and reverent chore placed before him, and doing it so well. 

Below is a screenshot of the news site reporting on the memorial service. One of the lovely members in Sweden translated to the lyrics to the song for us, and I have included them below, along with a YouTube recording of the song sung by one of Sweden's favorite pop stars so you can hear the gorgeous melody. It really is so lovely, and I know Christian was inspired to choose this song.

I have heard from many other Swedish missionary moms whose children wrote home this week about the service. The missionaries said that the musical number was stunningly beautiful and a highlight of the meeting. I am so proud of my young elder!

Only one day, one moment at a time 
what a comfort whatever will happen! 
Trusting in my Father's hands, 
should I, like a child,worry then? 
He carries me in his heart like a Father, 
the gives to me every newborn day 
its fair share of pain and pleasure, 
toil, rest and comfort. 

He himself is close to me every day, 
For every special time with special grace. 
Each day's worries, he wants to carry, 
He called both Power and Advice. 
To preserv his precious possession 
"As thy days, so shall thy strength shall be," 
this promise he gave me. 

Help me to rest safely and quietly 
by Thy promises, O Lord, 
Wasting not my faith and nor the consolation
as in the word me is kept. 
Help me, Lord, that whatever will happen, 
keep your faithful father hand by me
but one day, one moment at a time 
until I reached the good land.

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