Saturday, March 15, 2014

The End of an Era

I organized one last mishmom lunch with the other mishmoms in my ward, and about half of our number showed up this go round. I appreciate these chums of mine so much as they can each appreciate the joys and pride and longing and pining a missionary mom feels for her missionary. 

As a thanks for being such great friends to me throughout these missionary years, I ran up to IKEA and bought some chocolate bars to give to them as a tasty show of appreciation. Guess what! Guess! Those chocolate bars are actually made in Germany and not Sweden, haha! Oh well, who cares as long as it is chocolate?! 

(I don't know who is going to take over as Julie the Cruise Director now that I'm outta there {everyone keeps protesting my leaving}, but it has been a pretty grand chore for me to take on!)

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