Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The People Behind the Valiant Women and Men Who Are Fighting the Good Fight

As these things sometimes shake out, it has fallen to me over the last year and a half or so to be the leader of sorts in gathering my fellow missionary moms in our ward for a monthly (or semi-monthly, sadly) luncheon where we gather to brag about, cry over, delight in, and relish each of our missionary's experiences, heartaches, and triumphs. All without judgment. That last part about being without judgment is my own contribution to the guidelines of our get togethers. 

You better bet your bottom dollar that I am over-the-moon excited to have Christian home, but quite frankly, I will miss greatly my get togethers with these fabulous mishmom friends of mine. (Apparently, they are going to miss me as well, as they have many times expressed a wish that I would continue in my role as fearless leader even after Christian returns, haha!)

In February, I decided it was time to do another mishmom and mishdad get together since the dads seem to love these little doodahs as much as the moms! Our host asked each set of parents to write down three things that the others might not know about our missionary or his/her mission. One dad who was there solo totally made up his stuff! It was so not true. He was at a loss so he totally made his up. I was dy.ing.

This represents about half of our number. I know!

For a gorgeous spiritual lift today, watch and listen to this video
I love this so much. 
(Why oh why isn't this in our current hymn book?)

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Lisa said...

It's so bitter sweet.