Friday, April 11, 2014

Wait. Kan That Be Write? {Ed. 3}

The top ten skills? Guess I need to go back to kindergarten since this looks a lot like the top seven to me. Ah, well. Let's not get picky, especially when referencing . . . EDUCATION!

Man! Somebody needs to teach these rogue states how to behave! I'm lookin' at you, Indiana! (Instead of punishing a single perpetrator, I guess prosecutors have decided to just throw the whole state into prison. YIKES!)

BYU athletes get to interact with fan? Just one fan? So, how does that work--a passel of athletes huddle around one single fan? Lucky duck.

*Please note that, as always, I am laughing WITH these bloopers and not AT them. I defiantly no that I dew my own share of foie gras.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Look of Contentment

The photo below is one of the very last that I received of Christian before he returned from Sweden. A picture truly speaks a thousand words, and I would say this photo epitomizes that adage--and how! Doesn't the word "content" immediately spring to mind when you see Christian's expression here? 

Christian served an amazing and faith-filled mission, and he deserves to be more than content with his devotion, energies, commitment, and the love that he poured into those two years. Judging by the countenance in Christian's face as I see him in this photo taken during his last month in Sweden, I would say that he is satisfied. As am I. As am I!

Goodness gracious, I love this boy!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

December Dessert Night!

Another one for the books! We held a super-fun Sagers Dessert Night in December where we asked as many people who would to entertain us with their wicked musical skillzzzzz. We were not disappointed! We even had a few additional percussion instruments thrown into the mix in the form of beans between paper plates and a kiddie drum and tambourine. We like to keep it classy over here, dontchaknow.