Friday, October 29, 2010

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission . . .

My Dear Seanie,

Just in case you are feeling a bit nostalgic for that door-to-door/knock-knock/slam!, knock-knock/slam!, knock-knock/entre por favor! thing, this one's for you:

Oh, and speaking of Sean--did I already tell you that he is back? SHRIEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!! Oh, yeah, I suppose I did already tell you that. But! Did I already tell you that I am completely giddy with happiness that he's back? SHRIEEEEEEKKK!!!! Sorry. Well, did I already tell you that it is Christmas every day for me? SHRIEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!! Ah. Well, did I . . . hang on a sec . . . What's that, Sean? I need to get a what? What did you say? Get a what? Oh. A grip. Okay. Has he left the room? Good, cuz, SHRIEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Want Proof?

If you want proof positive that I have been more than just a little distracted with these hooligans the past few weeks, I present to you the smoking gun. The evidence shown below should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how preoccupied I've been. So, this should just about wrap things up; I'm sure you'll agree that this is an open and shut case, as they say.

The hooligans of which I speak.

THE PROOF: These packages have been sitting in my bathroom UNOPENED(!!!) for more than two weeks. Two weeks, for pete's sake! Holy cats, that's gotta be some kind of a record for me. I mean, the UPS truck is my favorite vehicle! Packing peanuts follow me around like a puppy dog! The credit card company doesn't even bother to phone Dave anymore warning him that there seems to be "an unusual amount of activity" in a single day on my MC! (Not that he would even blink an eye at that anymore . . . .) Need I say more? My desire to hang out with these happy hooligans even trumps the thrill and subsequent hyperventilation that comes from my online-shopaholic-can't-wait-to-hear-that-doorbell-rung-by-a-package-bearing-man-clad-from-head-to-foot-in-chocolate-brown adventures. See what I mean? Open and shut. Book 'em Danno. Mark VII.
The smoking gun, as it were.

But, oh. Wait.


Aaaaaand, so it continues:
Yup. That's me. Good ol' Dean Sager.

In case you're wondering, (and I'm not convinced that you are), but anywho, all but two of the items I ordered went back from whence they came. Rats. On the other hand, Dave has suddenly developed a certain spring in his step. Huh. Wonder what that's all 'bout . . . .

(Full disclosure: I did sneak a quick peek in the bottom box a day after its arrival, but that's it--I swear on a stack of Christmas catalogs, that's it.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Part II: Even More Heaven Flew In On a 737!

Lookee here! More heavenly goodness landed in our house last week. And, oh, what a heavenly week I have had with all three of my children together again after two! full! years! Throw in The Bundle of Heavenly Deliciousness (TBHD), aka Kimball, and I've been skipping on my tippy toes to the tune of "Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth" all week!

On a sad note, My Beauty, aka Ashley, and The Bundle of Heavenly Deliciousness jetted off Monday for their home in La Jolla.



Well, LaJolla. Not a bad gig, I suppose.

Oooh. The house suddenly seems rather empty and quiet without My Beauty and TBHD and his smiles. And his giggles. And his speaking in tongues. And his backstroke training. And his mad culinary skills. And his pool sharking. And his shuffleboarding. And his Beethoven-ing. And his commodities trading. And his researching for the cure for all diseases known to man. And his theoretical astrophysics homework. Man. That boy is a J-E-A-N-EEEOUS! But, of course! Whose grandbaby is he, anyway? Huh? Huh?

For now, allow me one little "waaah." Right-O. Bucking up, bucking up . . .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Heaven Flew In On a Boeing 737

My apologies for taking so long with this post. Jeepers, I can hardly tear myself away from my sweet, sweet son long enough to blog. Now, that's sayin' something!!! You'll forgive me, won't you?

Seanie is home!!!

(And his mama is having a heart attack out of sheer joy!)

My son is home! My son is home, safe and sound! I can't get enough of this handsome, handsome young man! It just doesn't seem real yet. I'm turning black and blue from all of the pinching to make sure I'm awake and lucid.

SHRIEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! I am beside myself with thankfulness and gratitude for Sean. For his love. For his goodness. For his testimony. For his obedience. And, for goodness sake, for his un-whacked-up body! Could a mother be filled with more love and adoration and pride than I am for my Sean? No. No she could not. I love this young elder with all that I am. And he is home!!!

Sorry about the blurry pictures, but these are as good as it gets when we were all rushing like a frenzied mob to tackle El Guapo!

The anticipation was a killer. Drop dead killer.

(Hint: It was not Sean doing the screaming.)

A very surreal moment. Hurry! Someone throw water on me to wake me up! Oh wait! It is real! Let me at 'im!

Five minutes later I'm still not letting go . . .

Giddy. Absolutely giddy with happiness.

Our boy is home!
(Hyperventilation set in at this point.)

The Three Amigos!

Quick Draw McGraw and his wicked machete!

*Waiting, waiting, and waiting at the bottom of the escalators for THE ONE!

*Dozens of people streaming by starring at the balloons and signs.

*Dozens of people walking by saying, "The Mormon missionaries? Yup. They're coming."

*Dozens more people walking by saying merely, "They're coming!"

*Dozens more people walking by saying, "They're coming. They're just taking their time."

*Me fuuuuurrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaking out when at last we catch a glimpse of our elder.

*Lots of hugging, laughter, hugging . . .

*Noticing that I'm hugging 70 lbs. less of my Seanie.

*Practically skipping out to the car.

*Being pulled over by a cop for speeding at 12:40 a.m.

*Me groaning because I had received a speeding ticket on this very same country lane.

*Being let go by the cop at 12:42 p.m. because of our returned missionary in tow.

*Sean walking straight to our kitchen sink and drinking right out of the tap.

*Sean stopping smack dab dead in his tracks before entering our family room.

*Sean in a whisper, "This room alone could hold two Honduran houses."

*Staying up until 4:00 a.m. soaking him in.

*Tender and special moments the next day in the temple.

*Eating, breathing, drinking Sean every day since his arrival until all hours of the early morning. (Not part of the mission regimen, Sean laments.)

*Deciding there is no need for Christmas this year; Christmas has arrived!!!

*Still not over the fact that Sean is back!

*I love this guy more than ever before. More than words can say. More than he will ever know.