Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Gaggle of Mish-Moms!

For whatever kooky reason, I am something of the ringleader for the missionary moms in our ward, and I pulled together another chatty and gabby and jabbery-ish lunch this last week at our local Mexican restaurant where we all chatted and gabbed and jabbered our little hearts out about our much-adored missionary young ones. 

Currently, we have 19 missionaries out serving from our ward with another three missionaries who have received their calls and are just tapping their toes waiting to get on with the fun.

I would happily wager a bet that out of all of those 22 missionaries' moms, there is not one among them who loves her missionary more fervently, more fiercely, more devotedly, more unconditionally, more completely, or more adoringly than I love mine. I just betcha there's not. *sniff* 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Somebody's Birthday Today!!!

Sometimes I like to call her "Sweetpea." 

I watch her as she partners herself equally with Jordan.

I watch her as she tenderly guides Kimball in his play. 

I watch her as she uses her many talents of intellect, patience, empathy, kindness and love for others to bless the lives of so many.

I watch her become a confident and capable mother of two.

I watch this lovely daughter of mine and can hardly take in my good fortune.

Call me blessed.

For, this girl is mine!

Happy, happy birthday, Ashley!
I love you!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ahh, the Relief! . . . Society

Oh, the RELIEF which comes when actually realizing that a big and looming assignment or project is over and done can be quite exquisite!  Like, jump up and down and clap your hands with glee kind of exquisite. (Classy stuff, that.)

A couple of months ago, I was asked to do a presentation for our church's women's group and share ideas for planning a stress-free party. Oh, this just drips with irony. Doing a presentation in front of a boatload of very accomplished women AND making 120 invitations for it to boot? Not. Stress. Free.

With help from my heavenly host of loved ones (this is nothing new for them; they know that when I get an assignment, they get the assignment . . . ) we were able to soldier on and get 'er done!

Lots and lots of cutting, tying, punching, assembling here. 
One hundred and twenty-nine worth, to be exact.

Uhhhh, the keep calm part was a struggle.

I was told that they each needed to be personalized.
The power of a Sharpie!

I was going to make 120 of these darling (and delish!) fleur de lis chocolates
to be individually bagged and attached to the invitations, but that just
didn't happen, nor did it seem practical given their delicate-ness (is that a word?)
so I made a whole bunch to give out at the actual presentation.
I loved them (my audience did too). So cute.

I bought these adorable bags at Orson Gygi, slipped a
yummy cookie into each, and attached the cute little card
with an itty bitty clothespin and passed those out at the presentation
as an example of a super-cute, super-yummy invitation to a party.
They were a hit. 

The gaggle . . . 

. . . of women.

 I showed a short slideshow of baby shower decoration ideas, including these three pics above.  (I will post more of these adorable baby shower photos here in a different post just for fun cuz, well, cuz they turned out pretty doggone cute, and the shower was something I loved doing in anticipation of beautiful baby Silas.)

This pic was taken after my presentation, so my table
is a little lot messy. I showed a boatload of invitation ideas, thank you ideas, party favor ideas, and basically yada-yada-ed away.

The empty jars with the ribbon around them held those
yummy cookies in the bags shown above. They looked really party-ish
all packed into those jars. You'll just have to imagine it, but believe me, it was all super-duper cute. And, the ladies certainly did love receiving them.

See my happy face? It was at this point that I was simply giddy that the
presentation went over well and was, umm, well, uhhh, just plain over

I have to say that as I was preparing for all of this, this scripture kept running through my head:

D&C 38:30 " . . . but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

I learned long ago when asked to do any sort of a big project or presentation, that preparation is the key if you don't want to end up in a stark-white straight jacket somewhere, committed to an institution against your own will, curled up in the corner clutching your pearls. Uhhh, that has happened more times than I wish to admit.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Skyping Shenanigans!

I was able to catch a few moments with my camera from our Skyping session today with this happy little family of four! Enjoy the pics!:

Get a load of those delicious cheeks! 

After Jordan did the wonderful fatherly thing of changing the baby's blowout, he then turned him into a tasty little burrito! (Jordan's expression is deceiving here; he was not mad! The baby on the other hand? I'm not quite sure.)

Kimball was so pleased to be able to show us how he can sorta/kinda/semi hold Baby Silas!
(You can see Papa and Deedee down in the lower right hand corner oohing and ahhing!)

We lucked out and caught Baby Silas with his eyes open! Isn't he simply yummy and beautiful and darling and adorable and cute as a button and handsome and sweet and . . . 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's a Big Bouncing Baby Boy!!!

BORN: November 15, 2013
WEIGHING IN AT: 9 lb. 12 oz.

We couldn't be more thrilled!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Happy, happy birthday, Jordan!
We are so blessed to have Jordan in our family! He is the best son-in-law to us, the best daddy to Kimball, and the best husband to our Ashley! 
Yes, we are so very, very blessed indeed!

We wish you the best birthday ever, Jordan!
We love you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Official Big Brother Training Course Is Complete!

Ashley writes,

"Freshly diapered George enjoyed a little swing time, then was tucked into bed for a nap, and we all had to be very quiet. This kid is SO excited to be a big brother and a big helper!"

Any day now, folks! Baby Boy Haug will
be so loved when he arrives!!! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Little Greek Mythology for 10-Year-Old Girls?

We did this at a recent Activity Days activity:

Which then begs this  riddle:
Q: What was Medusa's favorite kind of cheese?
A: Gorgon-zola!

See, the largest picture in the collage above brings to mind Medusa, and Medusa was a Gorgon, which is a female creature with hair made of living, venomous snakes, so gorgonzola cheese would be the answer to the riddle because . . . oh, I know, I can be such a nerd sometimes. Don't mind me.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Today, the Mailman Did Not Bring Glad Tidings

In the words of Opie Taylor, "Makes me kinda sad."

This is the second time a package has been returned to us with Christian's address crossed out and a new address added and with these stickers slapped on them! Boo! A recently returned sister missionary from Sweden told me today that, yes indeed, she could tell that this arrived at the mission office. Obviously it never made it into Christian's hands. She said it could be because when the mission office forwarded this on, they either had his apartment address incorrect or his name wasn't on the apartment mailbox. 

Well, whatever the case may be, I'm so, so sad! Christian doesn't even know that I stuffed darling skeletons and spooky  skulls, and frightening ghosts in there for him to decorate his apartment with on Halloween and freak out the non-Halloween-practicing Swedes! And, look at the postmark! I sent this over a month ago! All this time I was picturing him hanging out with Ichabod Crain. Boo again!

Thank goodness for email, otherwise Christian would never know how much his mom cherishes, loves, adores, admires, treasures, etc., etc. him! (Heh heh, Christian does have to put up with a lot from me in my emails to him as you may or may not have gathered . . . . )

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Horsies Are Out and About!

Poor Christian. I make him suffer through these photos that I email to him where his Dala horsies show up, and I demand that he find those horsies. Bless his heart, he has never complained about it once. No complaining from him. Nope. But then again, perhaps the reason he doesn't complain is because he chooses to not even bother with me and my immature little games. That's a pretty big possibility since he has never once referenced this nonsense. I'm just going to fool myself and say, hey, no news is good news!

You guys, on the other hand! You guys are stuck! You're already looking at my photo! That means that you MUST go along with my silly shenanigans and find our two little horses! Ha! 

Happy searching!