Monday, October 31, 2011

From Our Spooky House to Yours . . .



Number of trick or treaters tonight: 133

Number of showings of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" through our window: Five

Approximate percentage of "thank you's" received: 80% (not bad!)

Number of doorbell rings: Only one, the rest were knock, knock, knocks

Number of kids wearing the supposedly "it" costume of 2011 (angry birds): Exactly zero

Most popular candy choice: Starbursts followed by Twix, then M&M's, then Milky Way, etc.

Number of candy bars left over: Only two Snickers bars. Whew! We barely had enough, and even at that, I did have to raid an old stash in our pantry for the last few candy bars. Dave decided he needed to test one (solely out of the goodness of his heart--yeah, yeah) to make sure we wouldn't be known as the "stale candy bar house" of the neighborhood. Heaven knows, we'd never be able to live that down.

Funny aside: One year, Sean rigged up a walkie-talkie under my little ghost who stands guard at the bottom of our walkway. Needless to say, Sean scared the living daylights out of our trick or treaters when they heard that ghost moaning out to them when they walked by. Perhaps Seanie thought they would drop their loot and run for the hills leaving him with a boatload of candy???

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Land of Ingmar Bergman, Swedish Meatballs, and ABBA!

The big reveal at Grandma and Grandpa Sagers' house . . .

Christian will be serving his two-year LDS mission in . . .


We are beyond thrilled for Christian, and he, and I, and Dave, and all of the rest of the family agree that this is just perfect for him. We are completely ecstatic and as pleased as a smörgåsbord of pickled herring!

Vi älskar Christian!
With all of our hearts!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where In the World . . . ?


Looky at what is sitting on my kitchen counter this very minute! Right now! Even as I hyperventilate over my keyboard! Do you see it? Look! Are you looking?
See it???

Honest to pete, I can't believe this day is here. I've been pretty weepy these last few weeks--weepy in a proud, pleased, wonderful way, but also weepy in an I-know-how-much-I'm-going-to-miss-my-darling-boy way too. This is probably the ultimate in human emotional conflict, or some such thing as that. I know I didn't say that very well, but give me a pass here, people. I can't think straight to save my life.

But, oh, what a happy day! I am so proud of Christian for choosing to serve a two-year LDS mission, but I am even more proud of the man of character and integrity that he has become. That's my boy! That's my boy, and I feel like the luckiest person on this earth!

So! Are you braced to hear where Christian will be serving so faithfully and gladly? Are you? Huh? Huh? Well, get ready . . .

Are you ready? Are you psyched? Are you stoked? Okay, get ready . . .

. . . to check back tomorrow night. *Groan* Are ya kiddin' me? No kidding. Sweet, patient Christian won't be opening his call until tomorrow night after Dave returns from an unfortunately-timed trip to Chicago. Chicago? Seriously? At a time like this? Ah, well, it gives us time to place bets speculate about where Elder Sagers will be spreading glorious words of hope and truth and love for our Savior.

Okay! This is where you guys take over. Just take a look at this handsome, handsome boy and tell me: Where in the world will Christian be serving?

Now, where did that box of Kleenex go? And, I'm not just whistlin' dixie here. Tears.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The (Scaredy) Cat and the Canary

One can never go wrong with Bob Hope. And, just for the record, I was not that certain member of our group who got up and left the theater because the movie was scaring the pants off of him/her. Was. not. me. (Um, . . . this time, anyway.)

Personally, my endorphins don't really enjoy that jolt of terror which a truly scary movie so rudely whacks upon my pitiful little heart. I can honestly say that I seriously detest all of those jump scenes, paranormal activities, clueless, ditzy girls walking into ridiculously obvious danger, etc., etc. That's why my very favorite "scary" movie of all time is none other than the classic, "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." Top that one if you dare!

"Shears! In! The! Throat!" So classic. You've just gotta watch it.

Now, lay it on me; what is your favorite scary movie?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chariots Ostriches of Fire!

Let's bring the lights and the mood down a little bit for this next post. I want you to put your cares and your worries away. Let the music in the video take you to a deep, contemplative place in your mind. Reflect on your goals, on your desires, on your dreams. Relax and meditate. Are you there yet? Relax some more. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh, that's it. Just go with it, and don't try to fight it. I guarantee there will be a lump in your throat and tears glistening in your eyes as you view the following presentation.

Now that you are in the proper mindset for some very serious pondering and ruminating, I proudly present:

This is deep.
Oh, so very, very deep.
Be prepared.

Director's note: My favorite moment of the movie is at the 2:08 mark where Kimball simply throws back his head in sheer gladness and joy, confident that all is right in his world. Be sure to catch the bonus reel at the very end; you won't regret it . . . probably. Well, maybe. Okay, I'm taking the fifth on this one.

For those of you who may be of a certain youthful age and may not fully appreciate the not-so-subtle reference, go here so you can realize that this post is coughcoughbrilliancecoughcough--times three.

Monday, October 17, 2011

That One Blog Post Wherein Mindy Gledhill and CJane Make Me Famous

I totally ripped off this video from CJane's blog, but I figure I have a bit of ownership in it since, well, ahem, I am mentioned within the video for a whole nanosecond at the 3:47 spot. See? I am famous now. Told ya.

If you haven't heard of CJane, you may have heard of her sister, Stephanie Nielson, the plane crash survivor and author of NieNie Dialogues. Here, Ashley and I are chatting up Stephanie Nielson and her husband, Christian. They were lovely.

If you have a hankerin' to hear more from Mindy Gledhill, you can go here--although I'm not sure why you would need to do that since I don't think we'll be hearing my name in any of her other songs. Not positive about that, but I kinda don't think so. And, that would just be one ginormous let down, if you ask me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zero to Sixty in Ten Seconds Flat!

Can I get mine in bright Ferrari red . . .
with cup holders?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well, They Do Look Cozy and Warm, So Maybe . . .

My older brother, Gwyl, with his wry sense of humor, said that he thought of me when he saw these boots.

Said he knew how much I love my heels.

Which is true enough.

I admit, I do love my heels.

Wasn't that nice of my big brother to think of me? So sweet. What? Am I missing something here? The fact that Gwyl thought of me when he saw some boots? Um, . . . hey! Whoa up! Wait. just. a. dingdong. minute. . . . GWYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Who, Me?

These are for all of you old fogeys er, "more mature" readers. (I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, so don't assume I mean you, unless, of course, I really do mean you . . . .)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ode to Riley Nelson's Hair

A little background, if you will: BYU's starting quarterback position has been a back and forth, tug-of-war type of thing since last season. Coach Mendenhall finally settled on Jake Heaps over Riley Nelson as BYU's starting QB. In my very humble opinion (but what do I know?), Jake Heaps is all hat and no cattle, if you get my drift. In fact, I've very often chanted out in despair, "Yank that Heaps dude! We want Riley! We want Riley! We want Riley!" Finally, and not a moment too soon, Coach Mendenhall sat up and took notice of my begging and groveling.

During last Saturday's electrocuting er, electrifying (oops) game against Utah State, Heaps had put too many bees in Coach Mendenhall's bonnet, what with all of his stinking less than stunning passing/non-passing, etc., etc., so in went Riley Nelson. YEEHAW! Riley to the rescue! And rescue he did, because BYU pulled out the win thanks to Mr. Gorgeous Hair. (Check it out for yourself in the video below.) Take note that Riley is #13 and Heaps is #9. With that in mind, pay special attention to what happens at the 1:36 mark.

I so love this. Be sure to watch to the very end:
Epilogue: I heard Riley (we're on a first-name basis dontcha know; I am his champion, after all) say today in a press conference that he has since cut his hair. He graciously apologized to any who may have been offended by his gorgeous, flowing, silky, delicious hair. Maybe he didn't use those exact words, but it was something along those lines . . . .

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dee & Dave's Monthly Dessert Doodah! (October Edition)

Oh, and, shhhhhhh . . . did I mention