Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Have you guys ever watched the Jimmy Stewart movie about the big, white, 6' 1 1/2" rabbit? The rabbit's name is Harvey, and our family loves to pronounce it with a thick, northeast, high society, exhale type of an accent, as in, HAAAAAAAAHHHHHHVEY. 

My sister treated Dave and me (that sounds so wrong, but it ain't, haha!) to a local production of "Harvey" as belated birthday gifts, and all I wanted to do throughout the duration of the play was to say HAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHVEY over and over again. It's kind of addicting. You should try it. 

The play was terrific, and we even ran into a brother and sister involved in the play who were in marching band with Christian. The sister totally recognized us as Christian's mom and pop. Really? How does that happen that she would recognize the parents of her classmate when she had never met us? We took the opportunity to snap a pic with the brother who played the hilarious orderly, Wilson. (See below.)

We had a super-duper time, especially when my mom's former relief society president showed up on stage as one of the old biddies. Man, she was cantankerous. (Er, in the play! In the play! Not in real life!) Gotta love local theaaaahtah!

Monday, October 28, 2013

It Was an Awesome Missionary Kinda Day!

A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I had the fantastic opportunity to hear one of Christian's former missionary companions give his homecoming talk. The bonus was that I was able to meet three of the other Swedish mish-moms who have become perrrty much my best friends through our private Facebook page even though I had not met them. We are now 121 strong on that Facebook page, and I'll tell ya what, sometimes technology really can be a blessing.

This is Aldste Ririe. Christian was his last companion before Aldste Ririe returned home. I felt like I was shaking the hands of a quasi-celebrity as I shook the hand of one who shook the hand of Christian, haha! But seriously, I broke down and bawled like a baby when Aldste Ririe bore his testimony in Swedish because I pictured in my mind Christian doing the exact same thing, day in and day out, for the people of Sweden. 

Then we went from seeing Aldste Ririe to seeing this darling girl who had returned only three days prior from her mission in Canada before she had to report in church! Jamie is the daughter of Dave's brother, and she has a brother who is also serving! Missionaries a-go-go!

Christian and Jamie were in the MTC together, and Jamie sent us this awesome photo! The Sagers fam representin'!

It was an awesome missionary kinda day!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

¡Hola, mi hermoso y maravilloso hijo!

 A mother's heart is never so happy as when her long-lost baby bird returns to the nest! Haha! Just kidding! Er, about the "long-lost" part but not about the "baby bird" part. Sorry, but my children will always be like baby chicks to me. Haha! Just kidding! But, not really. But, sorta. But, no, not really.

Anywho! I am so happy, relieved, thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed,   and beyond-stoked to have Seanie back home, safe and sound and lookin' mighty fine!

That's my incredible boy, right there.
Gosh, I love him so.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wait. Kan That Be Write? {Ed. 3}

In today's blooper edition, we get to learn about the weather! Or not.

Ooh! Yes, let's do learn about watching out
for more thundershowers! That sounds prudent.
Oh. Guess we didn't really need that information after all.
Not one word about thundershowers, people. Not one.

Since we didn't get to learn about watching out for more thundershowers, let's learn about how spotters measure hail size! Yes! That should be fun! Hm. Guess that's another subject we just don't need to fuss about. 
Not one word about hail, people. Not one.

As they say, the third time's the charm, right? This time it looks like we get to read about livestock. Ooh, sorry. Move along, people--nothin' to see here! Although we come oh! so! very! close! with the reference to grain and hay, no livestock summary today. 
You guessed it--not one word about moo moo cows or horsies. And, why put a livestock summary in a "What's up with the weather?" article anywho?

Can I just say that I love my Daily Herald?!!!

*Please note that, as always, I am laughing WITH these bloopers and not AT them. I defiantly no that I dew my own share of foie gras.

Friday, October 18, 2013

And, Gracing the Social Page Yesterday . . .

Do you see a couple of familiar faces here?
WOOT, WOOT, Ashley and Jordan!

Monday, October 14, 2013

It Is October 14th! And? And? Well! Lemme Tell Ya!

Today marks exactly one month until little Bouncing Baby Boy Haug is supposed to show his chubby and very handsome little face to the whole wide world! WOOT!

Today marks exactly one week and one day until darling Brother Sagers returns from the land of the Aztecs to show his suave and very handsome little face to our U.S. world!* WOOT!

Today marks exactly five months to go until adorable Aldste Sagers returns from the land of the midnight sun to show his dapper and very handsome little face to the Utah world! WOOT!

*Sean's suave and very handsome face is facing the wrong way! Can you find him?

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wait. Kan That Be Write? {Ed. 2}

One day last week was a good day (or a bad day, depending on whether your job hangs in the balance) for my local Daily Herald. All three of the bloopers below were in the same edition. Good things come in threes, as they say!

Now, this is one police sketch I'd like to see! 
By the way, I wonder how many false arrests were made by
the police after receiving tips by witnesses seeing someone 
who fit this description:

Unfortunately, my neck of the woods doesn't
have a sunrise these days. But, jeepers, our
sunsets are simply too early! How does one get anything done? 

So, a verdict was finally reached!
Aaaaaaaand, the verdict is . . . 
Ummmm, I said, and the verdict is . . . 
Ahem! The verdict? Hey, guys? THE VERDICT?

In case you are wondering, AEG was found not liable by the jury. Too bad the article didn't bother to report THAT little detail of the story since a considerable amount of effort was made here to report that a verdict had, in fact, been reached. Perhaps that part wasn't all that important?

*Please note that, as always, I am laughing WITH these bloopers and not AT them. I defiantly no that I dew my own share of foie gras. 

Monday, October 07, 2013

Friday, October 04, 2013

May the Force Be with Jedi Kimball

Last December, Ashley and Jordan took Kimball to Disneyland and basically delivered nirvana at his feet by allowing him to meet his greatest nemesis, Darth Vader. Kimball prevailed, the Force was with him, and he fought against the dark side like a true Jedi should. 

I can only assume that Kimball's head was swimming and his eyeballs were rolling into the back of his head with the thrill of this experience since he is one of the hugest four-year-old Stars Wars fan ever to wield a light saber. 

It should be noted that Ashley and Jordan wisely do not allow Kimball to watch the full series of movies as there is much to be seen which is not really age-appropriate for him. Gotta keep that kid from seeing Jar Jar Binks, right? Wish somebody would have done the same for me.

You can watch a super-cute video of how everything went down here. My nephew, who went to Disneyland along with the rest of the gang, put this video together and delivered it this week. As you watch the video, take note of Kimball's sober demeanor during his face-off with Darth Vader. Definitely livin' the dream.

(Sorry for the fuzziness of these photos; they are from the video. No need to rush right out and get Lasik.)

Thursday, October 03, 2013

That Pesky Domino Effect

Perhaps this is funnier (more funny? hilarious-er? comical-er?) to me because of our family's seven-year-ish involvement with marching band, but I just about had a conniption when I saw this. Especially that last dude who almooooooooost got by unscathed but in the end . . . .

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

They Got to See Aldste Sagers Up Close and Personal!

The parents of one of Christian's recent companion traveled over to Sweden to pick up their son. Looky at who they hob-nobbed with while they were there! I'm dying here, people. Doesn't Christian look fantastic and happy and full of the light of Christ? Yes he does!

This is Aldste Ririe. Christian loved working with him, and they were quite the dynamic duo!

This is Aldste Ririe's mom. She and I have become fast friends through the private Facebook page we have for the moms of missionaries serving in Sweden. I have never met her nor most of the other moms on that Facebook page, yet I have an incredible amount of love for them all.

Christian is looking at Aldste Ririe's new iPhone here. I can only imagine how much Christian was enjoying that since he is Mr. Gadget after all. 

Goodness to pete, do I love my boy!