Thursday, May 29, 2008

Magna Cum Laude . . . Not Too Shabby

Today Sean graduated from American Fork High School, and I might just bust my buttons with pride! Sean has been an excellent student from the start, always pulling down fabulous grades and, just as importantly, receiving much praise from his teachers for his kindness and helpfulness to his fellow students. At every parent/teacher conference, I could always count on his teachers telling me how much they enjoy Sean in class and how often he comes to the aid of someone who is struggling. That is typical of Sean.

Do you see the gold cords around Sean's neck? Those mean that Sean graduated magna cum laude. Way to go! He was also chosen as a finalist for the valedictorian and salutatorians at AFHS out of a graduating class of over 500 kids.
Here is Sean with his Grandma and Grandpa Sagers. They are always so supportive and positive. We so very much appreciate their love and involvement in our family.

Here is our graduate with Grandpa, Grandma, me, Dave, sister Ashley and bro-in-law Jordan. Ashley has set such a wonderful example for her brothers to follow--not only academically (but definintely that!), but also in the way she lives her life. Thank you Ashley for leading the way, and thank you Jordan for going up the same path and being a wonderful example for Sean and Christian (and for all of us, actually). Christian is MIA today since this happened to be his 9th grade Lagoon day. Sean graciously kicked him out the door and told him to go to Lagoon and have a great time instead of attending the graduation ceremony. Christian was torn, but decided to do what his big brother told him to do:-) My mom fell ill today with a stomach flu so sadly missed out on the fun.

Sean, wow, are we lucky to have you in our lives! We love you so much!!! Words cannot express how much we love you. You are heaven sent and heaven blessed. Thank you for being such a wonderful young man. We love you!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Excitement is Building

As you can see, we are so excited about Sean's mission call to Honduras! We surprised him with this banner out on our front lawn the other day; bless Sean's heart for not being too embarrassed by our enthusiasm. It's just that we are so proud of our boy! Note to Sean: You are the best! We love you to pieces!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can't Say That I Loved It . . .

Well, I finally slogged my way through "The Mill on the Floss" by George Eliot. Actually, "slogged" is probably too harsh of a word to use here, maybe I should say I "worked" my way through "The Mill on the Floss," because at times reading it actually did seem like work. Trying to make sense of Maggie's attraction to Phillip, a hunchback, while also being smitten by Steven, a social gadabout, was indeed hard. But I made it! Actually, I'm quite surprised I didn't like the book more, especially since George Eliot wrote my very favorite, number one, bestest, most wonderful book in the world, "Silas Marner." Oh, I adore that book! And I really did love "Middlemarch" by the same author even though that too was quite a challenge. So I'll give George Eliot a pass on this one and just say that they can't all be winners. (Gasp! I know some great literary minds are turning in their graves right now, cursing me for blowing off a classic title like "The Mill on the Floss." Ah, well, too bad.)

And now, the literary pendulum swings to the opposite side as I am in the middle of the third book of the Twilight series. Truth be told (and I know I'll really catch you-know-what for saying this), the Twilight books are pretty lame. There. I said it. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! I know, I know! How can I say that? Please don't come after me with a baseball bat! The popularity of those books has been cuuurrrazzzzyyy. But I don't get it. The books are very predictable, full of writing cliche's and kinda silly. But, yet I am still reading them. But I'm not liking them. Who is the silly one here? Yeah, guilty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Pea!

Happy half birthday to you,
Happy half birthday to you!
Happy half birth . . .
We started a tradition a couple of years ago to celebrate our half birthdays. Sometimes I question my sanity. Why make even more work for myself? Isn't partying up the house and baking a cake, cooking the favorite dinner, buying presents and wrapping them, and making a banner, etc., etc., once a year for each family member enough work as it is? Why do it twice as often? Yes. I am certifiable. But actually, we keep the half-celebration to a minimum, the half-birthday person gets half of a birthday treat, and only half of the birthday song is belted out. Sometimes I even forget the half birthday . . . whoa! But not today! Today is Ashley's half birthday! And as I now look back, I realize that we started the half-birthday celebration when she was only one-half year old (FYI: with your first child every new expression, new tooth, new toot is cause for a party). I guess we kinda let the tradition lapse for about 20 years or so. Not too long. Please take note of the sweet little box of biscuits that Ashley received for her gift. She is in awe. Look at those eyes just moistening with gratitude, as if she is saying, "For me? Oh my! I don't know what to say. How marvelous of you two parents to be so very thoughtful and kind. I must remember to pen a lovely thank you note and get it in the post without delay."

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Charmed Life

So I'll just let this picture speak for itself, except (except? except? you knew I wouldn't let a few words say what a hundred could, did you? Verbose. Verbose is the word you are looking for to describe me--I like clarity. I like to make sure I'm understood. So if it means beating you over the head with words to make my point, well, then, so sorry. But just so you get it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . ) This photo represents what is pretty typical for Christian. Not the fact that he has girls hanging on him all the time (although he does, BTW), but the fact that he seems to have a golden touch with whatever he encounters. Some may say it is good luck, but I say that it is Christian making great things happen for himself because of his goodness, his hard work, and his positive personality. Can I say yet again how blessed I am to be the mom to my kids?!!!!! Lucky girl--that's me! And verbose.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

!Hola, Elder Sagers!

Just a quick post to let you know where Sean will be serving his mission . . . ready? He is going to . . .ay yi yi yi yi . . .


Wowee!!! Sean has been called to the Honduras Comayaguela Mission and will enter the MTC on September 24, 2008. Without a doubt, the Honduran people will absolutely LOVE Sean's big heart and compassion for others. He will be so embraced and adored because of his gentleness and thoughtfulness and kindness. Sean, we are so proud of you! !Te amamos tan mucho!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a Heads Up

We received a very exciting phone call last Friday night from our across-the-street neighbor who also just happens to be the stake executive secretary. He wanted to let us know that Sean's mission papers had been processed and his mission call has been assigned and the papers should be mailed out today (Monday) and Sean should receive his call in the mail on Wednesday and can you believe this is actually happening and we are so proud of Sean and I'm out of breath with excitement/curiosity/anticipation/hope just writing this and will Wednesday ever come and I hope that the mail workers at the church headquarters realize that mail costs an extra cent starting today so the mail doesn't get delayed and, and, and . . . . Okay. Someone slap me and tell me to get a grip. Thank you. Ow, not so hard now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Came a Day Early!

As some of you know, fresh flowers are one of my most favorite things in the entire universe. So today Dave got up bright and early and went out and bought some beautiful flowers for one of our many empty dirt patches, as well as some flowers for the pots on the deck. Happy Mother's Day to me! I love them so so so much! Thank you, Dave!

And if that wasn't enough, Sean and Dave toiled away at the beginnings of a re-do on our front landscaping which we haven't ever really loved or embraced since moving into this house. Sean is truly giving me a significant Mother's Day gift with his efforts out there in the yard, because to say that he hates doing yardwork would be a gross understatement. Thank you so much, Sean. You are a major sweetheart. I will think of you every time I admire our new plants and flowers! (Christian is on a campout, but no worries, we'll get him out there too. Sean will see to that, I'm sure . . . jk, sorta)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And So Now the Waiting Begins . . .

New Zealand? Spain? Virginia? Aruba? Osaka? The Cayman Islands? Pocatello, Idaho? Where in the world will Sean go on his mission?

Yes, it's true! Sean has submitted his mission papers to serve a two-year LDS mission, and now the waiting and guessing games begin. We figure he will receive his call on either the 14th or the 21st of May. Can you believe it? He is so prepared, so mature, so ready, so full of Christ's light, so wonderful, that I can hardly keep from weeping when I think about him. I weep with gladness for his goodness, and I weep for my selfish self in knowing how much I will miss him while he is away for two years. I am so happy he has chosen to serve the Lord in this way. I am so proud of Sean. I am so proud to be his mom. I am so blessed beyond deserving to be his mom. Sean is so extra special, and I know it, the Lord knows it, and I pray that Sean knows it. Mark my words, he will make a difference in this world. I love you with all of my heart and soul, my Seanie Boy.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Seussical the Musical!

Christian had the very fun opportunity of playing in the pit for Seussical the Musical which was put on by the drama department at his school. The cast was amazing, the costumes were eye-popping, and the pit, especially the drumming (ahem) was fabulous. I am so proud of Christian for taking on yet one more activity in his busy schedule while managing to keep all of his wits about him, keeping his grades up, fulfilling all of his church, student council and drumline obligations and doing it all with a smile. Never once have I heard him complain about his busy life. One of the songs in the musical is called, "How Lucky You Are." That's how I feel about being Christian's mom. I am one lucky gal.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sherwood Schwartz Was an Absolute Genius!

Sherwood Schwartz, the brains behind one of my much beloved television shows, "Gilligan's Island," (okay pass judment on me if you must, but the show was truly brilliant) was a man ahead of his time. He dreamed up a fantastic power-generating bicycle-ish contraption featured in several episodes which, when pedaled created enough power to run the crude washing machine or power the transister radio that sometimes conveniently appeared during some episodes. It usually fell to poor Gilligan to be the slave on the bike, but I do remember one or two episodes where Mary Ann and Ginger each took a turn pedaling the bike in circles, but never, NEVER!, Mr. or Mrs. Howell, for heaven's sake!

The whole notion of creating energy with a bicycle is so basic, yet so intelligent. Why hasn't anyone ever put this to good practical use? Well now it has happened. A group of students has come up with the dazzlingly simple but effective way of filtering water while riding a bike. Check out this video to see the perfect logic of the bike:

What do you think of Mr. Schwartz now? Genius. An absolute genius I tell you.