Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Hare-Brained Idea!

"The Hampton."

Or, as it is now known, "The Mr. Miller."

Whatever name you use when ordering this sandwich, the fixings are the same: Turkey, avocado, Swiss cheese, mayo, and a mess of other good stuff. The duality of the name is due to yet another one of my hare-brained ideas that I concocted as I was trying with all of my might to come up with an outstanding gift for an outstanding man.

And, now, the backstory (and, of course, there is always a backstory with me): As is the yearly tradition in our church congregation, the graduating high school seniors were to be recognized at a special event, and as part of that event, each senior was asked to identify a teacher, mentor, coach, or friend who had greatly influenced his or her life in a significant way. Christian chose to honor his band director from American Fork High School, Mr. Miller. (He was going to choose me, but that just screamed nepotismmmmmm, and that's just going too far into that Aaron Spelling/Tori Spelling territory. I mean, have you seen her acting on Beverly Hills 90210? Me thinks nepotism was raging in that particular casting choice.) But, anywho!

We wanted to show our appreciation to Mr. Miller for all that he has done for Christian (and Sean too, back in the day) by giving him some small gift. But what? Mr. Miller's office reigns supreme as a rip roarin', true-blue tchotchke catchall with hundreds and hundreds of little knick knacks collecting dust which Mr. Miller has accumulated over a long, storied career. Another little stuffed bear wearing the school colors was exactly what he did NOT need cluttering up the joint. Hmmm. What to give, I wonder? Ponder, ponder, think, think . . . .

That's when I struck gold with yet another hare-brained idea! (Now, we do the "Dawnce of Joy!" C'mon everybody, join in!) I knew that Mr. Miller was somewhat infatuated with the sandwiches at Gandolfo's New York Deli, it being reported that he lunches there at least three times a week. Say wha . . . ? Yes, apparently so. My little hare-brain said to me, "Hey! Let's get Mr. Miller a very generous gift card to Gandolfo's!" Then, my little hare-brain said to me, "Meh. That's so ordinary. We need something extraordinary." And, that's when my little hare-brain started sending smoke signals out of my ears with the brilliant idea that we force suggest to Gandolfo's that they name Mr. Miller's favorite sandwich after him. Brilliant, yes?!

I marched my hare-brained self into the shop, talked a blue streak about what Mr. Miller means to our family, what he means to the community, had a nice tet-a-tet with the owner who knew exactly what Mr. Miller's favorite sandwich is (including his request for extra avacado), and voila'! "The Mr. Miller Sandwich" is not only on the menu board, but Gandolfo's is donating a portion of each sale of "The Mr. Miller Sandwich" toward the American Fork Marching Band's expenses when they go to the Rose Parade in 2012.

When, on the evening of the senior recognition program, Christian presented Mr. Miller with the news that his name would be uttered by lots and lots of perfect strangers as they ordered his favorite sandwich at Gandolfo's, Mr. Miller was all aflutter, if you want to know the truth. He also appreciated the Gandolfo's gift card, btw. (Yes. Yes, we did go down that tried and true road of giving a gift card besides doing the whole naming thing, but, believe me, Mr. Miller wasn't going to turn up his nose at that, you know.) You may now cue the heavenly choir: LAAAAAAAAA! Praise be that that particular worry is over. These things weigh heavily on my hare-brain, dontcha know.

I took the liberty of making even more of a nuisance of myself by contacting the press. Read all about it! Read all about it! (See article below.) (And, unless you have some seriously wicked eyes capable of magnification, you might want to view the article here.) You'll need to scan waaaaaaaaay down to the very end of the piece (please do) to get to the very best and most riveting part of the story . . . if you don't mind me sayin' so.

Nope. No nepotism here. Just one happy dude.


Dave said...

The sandwich indeed reflects the man... both are great!

Thanks Mr. Miller.

And cudos to you Dee for making this happen :)

Melissa said...

First of all, the Mr. Miller is my favorite sammy! I can't wait to order it with its new name.

Second....WHERE ARE YOU FROM?! I didn't know people as awesome as you existed! What an unbelievably cool tribute. I wish they'd make the Deon just for being so thoughtful.

You're amazing.


Gwyl said...

This is pretty neat. Who would have known?

Deon...the sandwich advocate and it also doubles as a band-aid! ;-) Who would have known?

Beth said...

I was scratching my head regarding Gwyl's comment . . . then my third brain cell kicked in . . . hahaha . . . band aid!!!! Good job, now that you are famous, I can say . . . I knew them when . . .

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

you crack me up! what a neat thing to do for someone! wish i could come and buy a Mr. Miller!

ALSO, I got a nice surprise in the mail. humble prize?????? honey, we're talking chocolate and there is NOTHING humble about chocolate!

thanks so much!! you are awesome!


Lisa said...

YOU are a force to be reckoned with! This is just wonderful on so many levels! Love it!