Friday, September 11, 2009

And the Winner Is . . . .

Thanks to one and all for being loopy enough (don't take that personally, people) to enter my little Caption Contest. And now, without further ado, I present the winning caption of my first annual and probably only Caption Contest:

"Although we appreciate his enthusiasm, Grandpa's desire to demonstrate to Kimball the appropriate methods of eating a bowl of cereal unfortunately landed him in the hosptial for over-consumption of Lucky was the marshmallows."

--Submitted by Jordan


First runner up:

"Now I wish I would have ordered the 'bowl' of soup; this 'cup' of soup just isn't going to hold me over til dinner."

--Submitted by Anonymous

Second runner up:

"Objects may appear larger than they are."

--Submitted by Beth

So there you have it! To read all of the entries, please go here.

Now that you see that I really DID deliver on my promise of awarding the winner the uber-to-die-for!!! box of Cap'n Crunch, I bet the rest of you are eating your hearts out wishing that you would have ponied up a cleverish idea for my cheesy contest. Cuz just think: It could have been you inhaling mega-grams of sugar in a single bowl of cold cereal at this very moment, launching you off into a state of nervana wanting more and more of it as you desperately struggle to maintain the ultimate sugar rush. [Excuse me just a sec. Oh, yoohoo! Jordan? How's it going there with that recent restless leg syndrome, by the way? And your fidgeting problem? Have you had any sleep at all? Since last Monday, I mean?] Anyway. See? Told ya. Just think what you nonsubmitters are missing. Dude! It coulda been you swinging from the ceiling fan. Just sayin'.


Ashley said...

Woo hoo! I, I mean, Jordan, loves the Cap'n!

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

oh man! i should have ponied up my idea and i could be eating cap'n crunch...except i have never even tasted it! now if the prize would have been cocoa krispies...then i would have sent my super cheesy caption:

"ronco presents the new, 2-in-1 , ultra-classic, Alice inspired, combination tea time/baby bather. do you like hot tea and a warm bath, or a hot bath and warm tea? You choose! Simply heat the water, add the tea (great for baby's skin) and bathe that baby!and instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water, just remove the baby. Your tea is now just the right temperature!

no babies were injured (or happy) during the testing of this product."


ps...i had withdrawals for the 3 or so days you didn't post.

The Morris Family said...

I think Liz should win a consellation prize for her previous post! LOL
I know where I'm having breakfast in the morning. I just hope Jordan has saved me some Cap'n Crunch by the time I get there!

Beth said...

Dave is such a good sport! Can't wait for the next contest!

Jordan said...

Thanks Dee. The Captain Crunch is great. The only problem is that I'm having a hard time convincing Ash that I should have some too. Even Kimball seems a little too interested the puffy squares. Love you,

Anonymous said...

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