Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It Is Off to the Thee-Ah-Tah!

The last time we ventured out to our favorite theater-in-the-round hangout, we saw "Civil War." I thought that I was going to faint dead away when those soldiers gave all they had to give for their country, doing so basically right on top of my feet. Our front row seats left us getting our legs all a-tangle with largish hoop skirts and scary looking sabers. Cool "Declaration of Independence" floor, huh!

Of course, Aldste Sagers came along for the ride even though he has no recollection of it and will deny ever being there.

Our preshow dinner was attended by my sister, Dave, myself, Aldste Sagers and Sean, but Sean opted to go do other unimportant stuff like studying (sheesh! that kid!) while Christian got kidnapped by me to the play.

Tonight we are off to see another famous and much ballyhooed play. Please tell me we will love it. It's just that title, um, . . . 

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Lisa said...

We do share a love for that front row seat! So...how did you like it?