Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is This Calendar Me, or What?

 Ashley and Jordan really hit it out of the ballpark this Christmas when they came up with this gift for me! I mean, really! What's not to love here? 

This is an awesome 2013 calendar chock full of high-end, weird, beautiful designer shoes. You know me and shoes. We're like "this"!

If I remember correctly, Jordan is the one who spied this shoe calendar at a store and immediately called Ashley and told her he had found just the! perfect! gift! for! me! Ya think?

I look at this calendar every day as it hangs on my wall in my den. I dream about what it would be like wearing some of these crazy shoes. Other days I'm simply having a great "whooo wheeee" moment imagining a full-grown adult sitting in his or her art studio designing the most outlandish footwear possible and then passing it off as haute couture! Is it just me or is the world sometimes rather topsy-turvey where a pair of shoes with a ladder attached to the heel can be sold for around $3,000? Huh. Maybe it IS just me. Whatever. This calendar simply makes shoe-lovin' me happy.

Let's see. Hmm. Here is the shoe featured on Ashley's birthday. Dare ya to wear that, Ash!

And, here are the shoes featured on Kimball's birthday. Welllllllll, they do sorta, kinda look like awesome robot boots, I'll say that. Perhaps Kimball would wear these!

And, now for Jordan's birthday shoe! Awww, you've always loved blue haven't you, Jordan? I'd pay good money to see you sporting those in one of your conference presentations, whoa.

Thanks, Ashley and Jordan, for knowing me so well and still loving me despite that! I simply adore my shoe calendar!!!


Ashley said...

Those shoes are a little tall for me, but I could wear them. Kimball would absolutely dig those robot boots. But there's just no scenario where I could picture Jordan in those blue heels.

Lisa said...

Spot. On.

ckm said...

Love it!