Thursday, March 24, 2011

Proud as a Peacock!

This kid is something special, I'm telling you. I'm busting my buttons over here with overwhelming feelings of pride and admiration and outright adoration!

Although Christian didn't win the State Sterling Scholar, I could not hold him in higher esteem nor could I be more proud of that boy of mine. His integrity, his unwavering standards, his kindness, his goodness, his desire to always be in the best places with the best people, doing the best things are only a fraction of what makes Christian so incredibly outstanding and so extraordinary.

Did I already mention how much I love him? So much it makes my heart skip a beat. So much that I cry. A lot. So much that I want to shout it out loud to everybody, including the UPS guy (it kind of scares him when I do that, I think). So much that I find myself in a state of constant silent prayer of thanks for this exceptional guy of mine. Same thing goes for my entire family, for that matter.

"Behind every success is effort.
Behind every effort is passion.
Behind every passion is someone
with the courage to try."

That pretty much sums up Christian's fearless attitude about daring to try, daring to fail, and daring to succeed. I hope that someday I could be even a smidgeon like him.
Way to go, Christian!!!

Programming Note: Christian did not wear a lavender colored shirt to the awards. My camera likes to mess with me a lot, and it turned his lovely blue shirt into an odd shade of heliotrope. (Go look it up. Okay, I'll do it for you. Heliotrope means purple. Betcha thought it meant some kind of water amoeba, didn't you. Right? Admit it. You did, didn't you. Okay. I guess that was just airhead me.)


ckm said...

AMAZING! You should be proud! I think we should meet up soon ... hugs to a proud mom from another proud mom.

Gwyl said...

Congrats to Christian! That is quite an honor.

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

What a great kid...hmmmm...he must have a great mom!

I am borrowing your quote to send to my missionary..he had a discouraging week last week and that was just the ticket! thanks for an uplifting post.

Jen said...

Congratulations Christian! We are super proud of you!