Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And, the Tiara Goes To . . .


The winner of the official "Caption Contest on Deon's Whacked Out Blog," is . . .

Winning caption submitted by Beth
Kimball and his buddy,
Puxsutawney Seal, predict a quick end to winter!

Congratulations to Beth for her brilliance and wit which was put on full display by her award-winning caption! Beth will not only receive the grand prize of a $10 gift card to Texas Roadhouse, but she will now reign as the Caption Queen of my blog until my next contest when one of you can unceremoniously knock her off her pedestal. I don't think I need to tell you that there will be another contest. Gear up. (Forewarned is forearmed.)

My heartiest congratulations also go to Liz and Kathleen who are the master-minds behind the very clever second and third place captions! You two made a great run for the roses with your awesome submissions and shall each receive this very tasty consolation prize.

Submitted by Liz
"Hey, Red, this must be the SOUTH pole!"

Submitted by Kathleen
"I don't think I'm in San Diego anymore."

Lastly, my sincere and heart-felt thanks to you all for joining in my madness by either submitting your hilarious captions and/or voting like good little girls and boys. My accountants tell me that there were no underhanded dealings or kick-backs in play here; we run a clean dog and pony show over here at Deon's Whacked Out Blog. It's been a pleasure doing business with ya! Come back soon now!


Ashley said...

Congrats to Beth!! Enjoy some good Texas Roadhouse grub!

Beth said...

I am honored to be crowned Queen! Thanks for such a fun idea and such a cute picture of Kimball!

Gwyl said...

Congrats to Beth. Maybe she will share some ribs with me! (hope hope hope)

Kathleen said...

Congrats Beth! Your caption is hysterical.

Melissa said...

Haha - a true gem of a caption! Well worth the suspense! Congrats, Beth!