Friday, June 10, 2011

Or Perhaps This?

Yesterday I let you experience a bit of my horror at the thought of Farmer Dave getting himself mixed up with a truck like this. And now, wouldn't you know it--this . . . this . . . this "thing" has to come along and get Farmer Dave all twitter-pated! And, do you know why Farmer Dave is all twitter-pated? Go on, ask me why. BECAUSE AMONG OTHER AWESOME ACCOUTREMENTS, THE DING-DONG THING HAS A NIFTY DOORKNOB RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WINDOW! Apparently Farmer Dave someone thinks that a doorknob on a truck is mighty fine. Heaven help me.

By my count, at least three different vehicles were sacrificed in the making of this jewel. On second glance, perhaps only two different vehicles were used, one of which had its backside inhumanly whacked off. Either way, the answer is, uh, NO.

Click on the picture to get a better view of this showroom beauty and to see if you can spy the delightful doorknob.

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Jordan said...

Where's the vehicle humane society when you need them? Still, I have to say that truck-thing looks roomer than the office I'll be living in for the summer.

Kathleen said...

I think you should buy it, store it and save it for Kimball! It can be Kimball's first car!! A coat of paint and some new hardware and this vehicle would be as good as new.

Lisa said...

You know...I just don't think I would see something like this in my neck of the woods!