Thursday, June 09, 2011

Now, That's a Bang For Your Buck!

Huzzah! Just take a gander at what $8,000 worth of body work can do to really gussy up your ride! And they say auto mechanics are only out to rip us off. Pshhfff. All lies.

(I've been hiding this ad from Farmer Dave. Given the fact that this is a local seller, and given the fact that Farmer Dave has had a hankerin' for a truck . . . boy howdy, things could go terribly, terribly wrong here. I think it best that I just nip it, nip it in the bud, don't you?!)

Did you vote today?
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Gwyl said...

I vote for farmer Dave to have a truck. Maybe not this one but he needs a truck none the less.

And like the little round stickers say that they give you at the voting booth...I voted!


Jordan said...

I'm with Gwyl. Though I think the El Camino is a steal. If nothing else you could turn around and sell it here in California or Arizona for twice as much (that is if it makes the trip). El Caminos are a big deal down by the border. Personally I love them. All it needs is a good set of hydraulics and you're ready to roll. Just imagine this. Kimball is driving the El Camino shouting out to his Papa, "all the Kimballs in the house say 'what,' say 'what.'" With each "what" Kimball hands fly up in the air and the hydraulics lift the El Camino displaying his bravado. Cholo Kimball-it's a beautiful picture.

Deon said...
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Deon said...

Jordan, you are a hoot! I'm laughing my guts out at the very vivid mental image you painted for us! One question: How does Kimball manage to reach the brakes to stop his kickin' El Camino once he arrives at play group?

Jordan said...

That's what the gernumbli (the Harry Potter garden gnomes) are for. Kimball has had a pretty good rapport going on with those guys since he was 3 months old. Silly Grandmama.

Lisa said...

You can't make this stuff up!