Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He's Mr. What???

I think I'll let the video and the photos do all of the talking for me this go-round. Suffice it to say (darn!, you just knew I had to spout off anyway, didn't you . . . just call me VelmaLisa Verbose), anywho, suffice it to say that my jacket is almost out of buttons to bust. Proud as a pickle over here at the Sagers house.

Here's how it went down: Christian's name was submitted by teachers who nominated a bunch of outstanding senior boys to be considered for Mr. Caveman. Those names were then put on a ballot, voted upon by the entire student body of good ol' AFHS, and were whittled down to the top 11 finalists in the contest which was sponsored by the Cavettes. Since he's such a good sport and has great Mr. Caveman abs (say what now?), Christian went along with all of the flurry and hurry and excitement of this whole to-do. Three legitimate and qualified judges were wrangled into adjudicating this merry affair, so I guess the results are fair enough.

Without further ado or, should I say, "without further adieu" as one sports reporter wrote in our local newspaper recently (I'm not even joking), I present to you American Fork High School's Mr. Caveman Contest! I accidentally turned this video into quite the epic feature film ala Cecil B. DeMille, and it is worthy of an intermission, so unless you have some Sno Caps and Twizzlers handy, feel free to jump ahead to the finale at the 7:28 mark. Oooh! But don't miss the fun at the 4:12 mark; Christian gets whipped up into a frenzy during that part. And, if you do have some idle time to kill, I'd be pleased as punch if you'd sit through this entire romp.


ckm said...

That is AWESOME! Congrats to an amazing young man that is admired by his teachers and peers. Integrity ... and talent.

Beth said...

How cool! Good job! I remember having an Alley Oop's Sadie Hawkin's dance when I was in High School! Wanted to catch me a Caveman and bonk him over the head! (Now I just want to bonk my Caveman over the head on a daily basis forget about dancing!)

Morris Family said...

I think Christian just may be the coolest person on the planet! Is there anything this boy can not do? Good job Christian!!!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness I am beaming as if he were my own son, for heaven's sake!!! This is so exciting! Congratulations! It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.