Friday, December 17, 2010

Wow. Wow, Wow, Wow!

we give you the coveted five golden rings! (Ooh, aah!) Okay, okay. We'll give you the whole stash, cuz five golden rings aren't nearly enough to satisfy.

. . . my true love gave to me
five goooooooooolden rings!
four calling birds,
three french hens,
two turtle doves,
and a partridge in a pear tree!



We certainly were NOT expecting this turn of events: As we made our deliveries this evening, we found a wonderful surprise for us sitting on a little stool on the porch at our second drop. Just goes to show what one's very small gestures of goodwill may mean to others. It seems that our humble, nerdy offerings ("humble" and "nerdy" being the operative words here) have somehow touched hearts.
And now, we are on the receiving end of that goodwill, and
our hearts are, indeed, touched in return. Awesome.

The note reads:

Secret "12 days of Christmas"

Thank you so much for your sweet act of kindness. It makes us so happy and really makes us feel good that you chose us to do this for. My kids are so excited and look forward to each night to see what the "Secret Santa" will bring us. So very creative by the way! :) You don't understand how happy, loved, excited & special you made us feel. We only hope to give you a little piece of the gesture with this banana bread. It's the least we can do. :) You are so awesome! Thanks again!

Merry Christmas

P.S. You guys are FAST!

So sweet.


Lisa said...

How sweet is that! I can testify of your speediness as there has been a thing or two dropped on our porch before!!!

Beth said...

That was so thoughtful of their family! I'm sure it is very exciting for their children to wait each night for the doorbell to ring to see what surprise will be waiting for them next! I can't wait to read your blog and see what's up! Very creative!

The Morris Family said...

How very sweet of your family to give to you in return. Isn't this what the season is about anyways?