Wednesday, September 08, 2010

For the Serventless Cook

Do you see the hand on the hip?
Always on the hip. Right, Julia?

Okay, okay. OKAY! I get it! We can't all be Julia Child. But that doesn't mean that we aren't allowed to put our hand on our hip (always on the hip) and talk with that wonderful throaty droll as if we had mashed potatoes in our mouths, now does it?

Soon after buying Julia's cookbook, a purchase inspired by the movie, Julie & Julia, (read about that loopy exploit here), we three wizards of the culinary arena decided to take a crack at one of the (not-so-simple) souffle' recipes.

(Sidebar {and you knew there would be a sidebar, cuz this is ME blogging}: After a recent second viewing of that darling movie, I was reminded of how narcissistic blogging truly is--or can be. That Julie character was just a touch (read: a lot!) annoying to me, what with her self-centered need for people to read her blog and all. Anyway! Enough about me and what I think. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me and my blog? yuk. yuk. Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . )

I can't really recall how we came to settle on this particular recipe, all I know is that there were a lot of spoons and hands in the pot. "My turn! It's my turn! Let me break the eggs! Wah! I wanted to whisk!" Geez, Dave can be such a pill at times.

We quite surprised ourselves with our first attempt at a Julia Child recipe. And that's sayin' something because, honest to pete, those recipes are not for the faint of heart nor for the "serventless cook," as they claim. As it was, had we used a proper souffle' dish, I'm quite certain we would have given Chuck-A-Rama a run for its money. Pause. Blink, blink. Pause. Well, let's just say that no one had to call poison control. Now, I call that a raging success! (You would call it a success too if you had poison control answering your multiple calls with, "Dave? Christian? Is this you? Again? I thought I told you to keep her away from that blasted kitchen! We're running low on antidotes this month, and it's not fair to the other poisonees!")

Here then, I offer up SOUFFLE' DE SAUMON (pronounced in a charming French accent and as if one's mouth was overflowing with russets):
The souffle' is served!

Luv her.

And, the humiliation never ends for Dave and Christian. However, I, for one, think they look like a pair of Dapper Dans in their toque/miter/bonnet thingys as they try to keep me as pacified as possible.


Beth said...

There is never a boring moment at the Sagers' abode! Your men are such good sports! I can't believe all the crazy antics you talk them into! You go girl!

The Morris Family said...

Seriously!?! When are you going to invite me over for dinner? You have a couple of really great guys on your hands!
Now, in regards to you and your blog, I happen to think they are both wonderful! I wish I had your witt!

Kathleen said...

Never a dull moment in the Sagers house! Where was Grandma Bee for all this? You should include her in all your crazy antics. You're lucky you've got 2 people who don't mind being your sidekicks to whatever crazy concoction you come up with next. And I agree, Julie is VERY self centered in that movie (although I am always thrilled when I check your blog [multiple times a day may I add] to see what crazy new things Deon is making Dave and Christian do..Way to go!) What will your next recipe be? If you make Beef Burgoyne (sp?), make sure you don't fall asleep on the couch.

Lisa said...

What? No black and white pic of you and Dave in the tubby?
(Love, love, love your blog!)

Deon said...

Lisa, who says that isn't Dave and me in the tub? It's just bad lighting is all.

Dave said...

...and just so there is no mistake, I am the one on the left...

Jeanne said...

I'm waiting for the color version! Then we'll really be able to tell who is on the left! (bad lighting or not, it will surely be worth it). Go,now!

Jenni Elyse said...

I really like the picture of you three slaving over the hot stove. It's so cute, especially with the chef hats!