Thursday, June 14, 2012

Countdown to Kimball!: Clue #1

Yo, Kimball!  Here is your very first clue in your nifty little adventure in figuring out what Papa and I have waiting at our house!

While I suspect that Ashley and Jordan are staring at this clue absolutely horrified at the thought that Dave and I have added something to our arsenal of playthings which bears a humungous WARNING! label, I'm pretty certain Kimball is rubbing his hands together with glee thinking, "Oho!  This summer is looking quite promising . . . !"

Okay dokey!  Time for Kimball and all of the rest of you guys (yes, you!  join in the fun!) to pony up your guesses as to what the apparently-not-the-sharpest-knives-in-the-drawer Papa and Deedee have up their sleeves this time! 

So, Kimball!  Betcha think your Papa and Deedee are really something now, huh!  Yup, we like to play that thrilling "WARNING!" card now and then just to keep the luv coming our way . . . 

And, more great news!  I got to talk to Christian this morning while he was in NYC on an eight-hour layover, and he is finally on his way to Sweden!  Boy oh boy oh boy, I love this young elder more than I could ever, ever express with my feeble little words! Jag älskar min son så mycket!!! 


Ashley said...

It's a child-sized rocket!!

ckm said...

A t-ball bat

Ashley said...

Kimball says "a pink hand"